How to Achieve your Personal Best hCG Results

Get Your Best hCG Results

Want the best hCG results possible? Of course! You are probably thinking like we did - if you are going to put in this effort you want to do everything possible to ensure the maximum hCG success possible.

To us getting the best results meant the best (read highest) fat loss rates of course! Our personal best loss every day.

But it also meant the best results in terms of feeling well, healthy and happy while on the diet program. Enjoying the experience and not feeling the usual diet-deprivation on all its various levels.

AND it meant the best lasting results in maintaining the weight loss we'd earned and achieved. Making the hCG diet an opportunity to retrain our old patterns and mind sets that created the weight problem in the first place.


Self Hypnosis Boost
1. Get Your Head with the Program!
On the very top of our list would have to be the mind training audios we listened to each day to get our body image back on board, keep ourselves motivated and in control, and even adjust our attitude (like an attitude intervention) when it was needed. In the year that we used these audios ourselves, and tried them out on all our friends, we tracked an increased weight loss result of an impressive 54% for audio-users over non audio users who followed the same hCG diet! These audios were a kind of positive self hypnosis experience that really worked wonders at a subconscious level - replacing old (let's just call them "unhelpful") feelings and thoughts with fabulous new ones more in tune with the people we wanted to be. And what an absolute pleasure they were to listen to every day! They were like an emotional oasis of feel-good. Astoundingly powerful at enabling us to achieve the best hCG results possible! So, we're giving them the number one spot.

hcg diet supplements
2. Boost your Fat Loss Rate with Health Supplements
This is the complimentary nutritional (herbal) supplements we used. We took one look at the protocol's wide-open allowance of spices, which are mostly herbs to begin with, and suspected that herbs for specific purposes could really be put to good use supporting this diet, and we were right. And then there are those special circumstances where you just need a little more natural appetite suppression, like an unavoidable family feasting occasion, or during the days when you are transitioning on or off hCG and don't have the full hunger-free benefit at work for you. Or those days when you just give your bowels a little natural nudge to move, Here's the supplements that helped us stay on track and accelerate our fat loss rate too. And later, when we had achieved our results we were able to maintain them easily with natural supplements like African Mango, and Raspberry Ketones, and Green Coffee Bean Extract (our top pick of all the support products we used). You'll find all these weight loss supplements conveniently easy to include in your shopping cart, from the main hCG Order Page.

Weight Loss Affirmations
3. Feed your Mind Daily with Healthy New Positive Self Concepts
Just like you need to regularly feed your body more healthful things to be a more healthy you, you also need to regularly feed your mind messages of positive self regard to be a more high self-concept you. We learned about the powerful science of positive affirmation firsthand, and there were many days when those words were the sweetest words we heard about ourselves all day! From ourselves. A very short time after starting this One-a-Day Positive Affirmation commitment we could feel our self concept shifting, and with it many unexpected positive results in our relationships, work life and more. They were an amazing experience! We'd never have guessed how powerful they were at enabling us to achieve the best hCG results. That's why we include them in eBook format, free along with your first order. We wanted to put them to work for you right from the very beginning.

4. Learn Stress Management like Your Life Depended on it - Because it Does!
Stress is not the hCG Dieter's friend, we learned that very early on. A high-stress day could trigger a weight loss rate stall or worse, a weight gain! We knew we had to do something to manage our stress because it was not going away anytime soon. And clearly we are not the only ones, for every day as site users fill out the Pre-hCG Survey and the hCG User's Quiz we are reminded that stress stalks us all and we have no other option but to learn self defense. So, we encourage everyone to make a point of managing stress and see your hCG results soar.

5. Get Your Friends Involved and Join Like Minded Social Communities
You'd be surprised how much this kind of emotional support will empower you to accomplish your best hCG results. Seriously, we've proven it time again - hCG Dieters without a support network not only do not do as well results-wise, but the don't enjoy the experience as much either. Call your friend, go on the hCG Diet together (and you'll both get a big price break). Join our Facebook Community. Come on along. We'll meet you there!

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