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One of the most effective and supportive things we did to achieve the BEST FAT LOSS RESULTS possible was to listen to this guided visualization mental exercise every day while we were on the hCG program.

This lovely mental exercise is a bit self hypnosis, a bit positive affirmation and a lot right out of the professional mind training studios that train world class achievers for high performance.

We loved it! Here's why...

Free Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss MP3

You'll be saying goodbye to your old fat self (and your old subconscious self sabotage) and hello to your new healthier, slimmer self - the new self who loses fat with ease and enjoyment.

Be SomeBody Weight Loss Mind Training MP3


In a separate study it was found to boost weight loss results by a whopping 54%!. We give credit for our steady, easy, high rate of daily loss (no plateaus to speak of during 120 pound weight loss) - thanks to the accelerating effects of this wonderful mental training audio! AND what's more we believe it has definitely helped us maintain our losses with care free ease.

This instant download MP3 is the same 30 minute audio from the popular Be SomeBody! weight loss series at the world renown fitness resort Canyon Ranch Spa. It has been shown to work with any healthy weight loss dieting program (health is key in this audio).

The soothing female voice guides you through several key mental scenes all designed to enable you to achieve the MOST HEALTHY, EASY, FAST and LASTING weight loss results possible.

Each daily mental exercise is pure enjoyment. A true oasis of pleasure in any diet day that will leave you feeling supported and self confident in your new diet skills and strong in your resolve and positive outlook.

We are very lucky to be able to offer it to you here in order to enable you to:

  • accelerate healthy fat-loss results and
  • enhance your dieting experience generally
  • subconsciously reprogram your negative body image
  • achieve your personal best results for hCG diet!
  • This audio is a fabulous support tool that will empower you to achieve your PERSONAL BEST YOU - the body you've always dreamed of.

    Program Your Mind for Accelerated Success on the hCG Diet! While you also program your subconscious mind for effortless weight release, vibrant health, radiant beauty, self-confidence and inner peace as bonus gifts!

    Boost Weight Loss MP3

    What is Mind Training and How Can it Help You Accelerate your Best Results for hCG Diet Weight Loss or Other Diets?

    This professionally produced mind training audio uses proven components of guided visualization, autonomic relaxation, peak performance mental training and self-hypnosis, or autosuggestion, a method of habituating your body to be deeply relaxed while at the same time training your subconscious mind to become very aware and open to learn new things.

    With as little as 20 minutes a day you can train your body/mind to achieve relaxed yet aware mind states that spontaneously produce heightened states of suggestibility and thus enhanced learning. This hypnogogic mindstate makes unwanted, self-defeating behaviors, such as negative body image or stress eating or weak will, so easy to change that they seem to change effortlessly.

    In fact, Self Hypnosis will work even if you do not believe it will, because it does not require any effort of will or even your conscious cooperation. It is as natural a mind state as daydreaming or sleeping, and one that you are in many times every day right now. However with Be SomeBody! mental training, rather than randomly drifting in and out of hypnotic mindstates for no particularly positive purpose, you will now learn the skills to participate with your subconscious mind to create new realities in your life for any self-improvement goal that you desire... beginning with your best body.

    CLICK HERE to listen to a one minute sample of this remarkably effective subconscious programming to give yourself the best results for hCG Diet success

    Change your mind and you can change your life in the next half hour.

    Hypnosis for Weight Loss MP3 Download

    BeSomeBody! Mind Training for Accelerated Weight Loss
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