Body Image Training
The Elusive Component of Lasting Diet Success

Body Image training

Is body image retraining and behavior modification really that big of a factor in lasting diet results. Yes.

True, you can lose weight quickly with the hCG Diet, even if you don't opt for the hCG diet booster supplements, or the weight loss accelerator support supplements (refer to the hCG order page), or follow our great daily tweets, but if you don't retool your mental self image you will have defeated yourself before you have even begun.

We did a study of the results of hCG dieters (including us) who listened to one 25 minute positive self image audio once a day, and increased their weight loss results by an incredible 54%. But even better than that they were the same people who reported easily being able to maintain their new weight a year after the diet ended.

First mind training tool - Improve your Physical Self Image and Increase your Diet Results with this professional weight loss audio

:: The Be SomeBody Miracle Weight Loss mp3 -

A second mind training tool that we studied to offset the correlation between stress and weight gain also achieved impressive test results for better, easier weight losses and lasting mew-weight maintenance:

:: Learn Stress Management to improve mental/emotional balance

And, the third tool was daily was mental affirmations. There is no question that using regular positive reinforcement affirmations gives a dieter a greater advantage in achieving lasting weight loss success and improved self concept.

:: Free Positive Affirmations eBook included with your First Order

For more on mental training tools we used ourselves go to:
:: Achieving your Best Body Image and Diet Results"

These proven helpful mind training tools are Step Two of

STEP ONE - This invaluable hCG Protocol and the hCG Products together are the first step in your successful weight loss journey.

STEP TWO is vital Body Self Concept and Behavior Retraining to ensure lasting weight loss results.

STEP THREE is excellent hCG Diet Support to help you stay on track and keep your motivation.