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The 3 Components of hCG Booster Pack

Here you see the three components that boost hCG results - these are nutritional supplements that accelerate your fat loss rate, while also helping you to enjoy the hCG diet experience and achieve your personal best results and lasting weight loss. See the overview describing these three components here.
natural appetite control

This is a product we have used to boost hCG results and keep our daily weight loss on track by using as needed to adjust our energy levels in a healthy way throughout the day to meet whatever the demand. But also to manage those sneaky rogue hunger jabs (hunger is mysterious, it can be completely unrelated to needing food!).

Our personal observation is that although EAC is certainly helpful to boost hCG results on days that need this kind of extra support during the diet, we found it especially helpful for the 7-day transition time when going off the hCG and during the week long menstrual breaks from hCG - since these are times when we are not taking daily hCG and normal hunger levels were naturally returning. And since EAC works well ON or OFF the hCG Diet it was also great for the times between planned hCG courses when our goal was to maintain the weight loss we'd achieved and prevent us from regaining fat.

What is Energy Appetite Control(EAC)?

EAC's unique diet support formulation is an all-natural energy capsule comprised of safe ingredients intended for additional appetite suppression and increased energy levels that will help you boost hCG results. ENC was engineered to be the perfect supplement during any phase of the hCG diet because it contains no sugars, starches, or fillers that can counter effect the hCG Diet. It is espeically helpful during the transition stages while going off of the hCG.

Not only does EAC boost energy and mental focus levels without the crash associated with typical energy or diet capsules, it also acts as a very effective and safe appetite suppressant using all natural healthy ingredients. EAC is manufactured in FDA approved and regulated facilities in the United States and is a proprietary formulation of all natural ingredients.

How does EAC Work?

EAC uses all-natural herbs and vitamins to achieve a combination of benefits designed to: Energize, Focus, Suppress and Satisfy, as it quickly delivers tremendous energy while acting to control appetite, all in order to help you boost hCG results.

ENERGIZE EAC safely increases energy levels without the usual crash of energy drinks and appetite suppressants. One or two capsules provide long lasting energy, a total of four capsules can be taken in a day if needed, as needed. Caffeine anhydrous transports molecular structures to provide sustained energy and power release. Guarana extract, from a Brazilian berry, contains twice the amount of caffeine of coffee beans (it is more widely used in South America than coffee as a natural stimulant) and is able to produce a massive amount of natural energy. Chromium Picolinate actively works to increase energy levels, correct insulin and metabolic issues, reduce carbohydrate cravings, and a pilot study suggests it may also have an antidepressant effect.

FOCUS- Guarana extract comes from a Brazilian berry that has been used for centuries to quicken perception, increase energy and endurance and inhibit appetite. Vitamin B-12 also supports improved brain function and nervous system health.

SUPPRESS- EAC has enriching fiber to assist in helping you feel full faster and making better judgment of your appetite portion size etc. Caralium Fimbriata is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant, which has been used in India for centuries; it controls the appetite center of the brain and also blocks the formation of fat forcing fat reserves to be used as fuel for your body. Studies have also shown that Guarana additionally assists in fat cell reduction and has healthful antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

SATISFY - PureWay Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Cirturs Aurantium, Guarana and Probiotic blend all work together to provide a perfect energy balance and appetite control without unwanted side affects. Reishi mushroom with its immune boosting abilities and liver support also adds to a sense of well being and healthy weight management.

Health Benefits

EAC not only does NOT produce the crash that most energy drinks and diet supplements are known for, but also does not use the toxic components, colors etc that are widely used in such products. The weight loss trio of Caralluma Fimbrata, Green Tea Extract and Citrus Aurantium, all offering enhanced thermogensis (fat burning), delivers a one, two three fat fighting punch, within a synergistic blend that all serve to boost hCG results while giving you the assurance of safe health-conscious appetite control, energy management and a healthful sense of well being.

Ingredients: PureWay C (ascorbic acide with citrus bioflavonoids), B6, B-12, Chromiium Picolinate, Caralluma Fimbrata, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract (95% polyphenolds, 45% EGCC), Ginger Root, Reshi Mushroom, Citrus Aurantium Extact (30% synephrine), Guarana Extract Probiotic Blend, Cascara Sagrada.

Usage: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules in the morning. For best results drink plenty of water throughout the day.

PrecautionUsed only as directed. For adults only.

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