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Here's Your GIFT PACKAGE loaded with helpful, valuable goodies!

Your Free Gifts

Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches hCG Weight Loss Protocol (original 65 page version).
1. Download Free hCG Protocol.

Fast Start hCG Favorite Recipes (78 pages)
2. Download Free Recipe Book

Your Personal hCG Weight Loss Diet Tools
3. Download Free hCG Tool Kit.

This six piece, 9 page package includes:
- hCG Weight Loss Daily Diet Journal,
- Personal Weight Loss Graph Chart,
- Personal Measurements Record,
- Shopping List and Food Planner,
- Food and Weight Loss Guidelines,
- Mind Map for Life Goals,
- Weekly Email Support Resources

PLUS Your Professional Relaxation Audio:
Below you'll find the link to our extra special studio recorded "Relaxation" audio. It is a delightful 16 minute professionally guided-relaxation session; the ultimate in stress management that is proven to support your best weight loss results. (If your computer settings are not set for mp3 download your media player will automatically play the audio).

mp3 download

4. Your Free Relaxation Audio

Patty's Special Note: If you really enjoy this type of audio weight loss support you will absolutely love THIS 40 minute "Miracle Weight Release" audio by the same professional hypnotherapist, which was professionally designed for daily listening to work with your mind to ACCELERATE optimal (healthiest, fastest, easiest) weight loss subconsciously. Sold in worldclass weight loss spas for $29.99, available (only) here for a super special $16.99! Tip - Many dieters instant-download it to their cellphone for convenient daily listening.

With our wishes for every imaginable, and unimaginable, hCG weight loss success!

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P.S. If any of these download links do not work properly, or if you have difficulty downloading, email us with the name of the document you need and request its delivery by email attachment.