Goodbye Fat Pants is Right!

by Bonita
(Scottsdale, AZ)

If ever a picture said a thousand words then my fat pants picture does. My fat pants were so tight they weren't even my fat pants anymore, they'd become my fake-out-fat pants.

But I refused to buy the next largest size (or two) I just wore them under baggy shirts with the zipper undone (since I couldn't get it zipped up!). Clever me, I thought.

hCG to the rescue!

It wasn't long (about 5 and a half months) before my fat pants were two sizes too big. It's only when they started falling off my hips and sliding down that I finally gave in and bought a new pair of favorite jeans.

And now my skinny jeans really are bonefid skinny jeans - with the zipper done up!

Thank God for these hCG Drops, that's all I can say.

;-) Bonita

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