Green Coffee Bean for Fat Loss

One of the newest fat loss product breakthroughs is green coffee bean extract, and both Dr Oz and Oprah have given it favorable reviews on their programs. green coffee bean These particular coffee beans stimulate the hormone Leptin, which is the hormone responsible for slowing down the release of blood sugar into your system while at the same time boosting your metabolism - both working in concert to enable increased fat loss and weight control benefits.

Why can't you simply drinking coffee give you the same weight loss benefits?

It turns out that the fat fighting benefits of the Choirogoenic Acid extracted from raw green coffee beans is destroyed by heat, so roasting the beans at temperatures over 425 degrees F to give it that nice flavor renders it inert. Coffee must be roasted to make it palatable since the raw beans are too bitter.

It also turns out that this breakthrough weight loss supplement does not contain the (jittery, hyped-up) huge amount of caffeine coffee does. It has only 20 mg compared to one cup of coffee at 100 mg. So, you get all the benefit without the side effects.

Clinical studies on this extract for weight loss showed in a study group of 16 people a 10.5% body weight loss, and of that 16% was body fat, in just 12 weeks - with no particular eating plan and no exercise.

We found this newly discovered metabolic support supplement invaluable after we finished the hCG Diet during the period of stabilization when our systems were adjusting to eating more normally again. It helped us normalize our weight and maintain the loss we'd achieved.

Interestingly this all natural supplement also seemed to help control fat from being re-deposited, which might have been due to the fact that we found it so handy to turn to in order to promptly intervene whenever we found our weight mysterious creeping up again.

Yes, we're with Dr Oz and Oprah on this one - two thumbs up!

Click the link below to watch the video episode that aired in Sept 2012 and see the unprecedented experiment where Dr. Oz investigates this coffee bean extract, a supplement that's been heralded for its fat-burning potential. Get an inside look at the largest project in show history and what he calls the "shocking results".

Watch the Dr Oz Show episode on Green Coffee Bean Extract here.

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