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"Last Diet Ever" Survey

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So many diets I cannot recall
A few, with fair success
A few, but never lasting success
Never dieted for weight loss
As a child
As a teen
After marriage
After childbirth
After chronic stress
During perimenopause
After menopause
It's this or gastric bypass
My Doctor's advice or warning
It's time! I can't live like this
I have a special occasion coming up soon
Here to decide- do it or not
A friend just had great success using hCG
My health is suffering
To improve my love life
To improve my self esteem
To live better, and be happier
I need the FASTEST loss possible
I need help, I'm too weak willed
I need help, or I fear I'll fail
I've done it before and know it works
Unconscious Emotional Overeating
Unsure How to Eat Properly
Poor Stress Coping Skills
Social, Peer or Family Pressure
Inherited Obesity Tendency
Lack of Exercise or Activity
Depressed, Ill Health, Lack Energy
Yes, physical/health damage
Yes, relationship damage
Yes, it has hurt me as a person
Yes, it's hurt my work or income
Yes, generally all of the above
No, I am unaware of any damage
Maybe, I am not really sure

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The purpose of this easy, quick little quiz is to give you personal insightful and greater awareness related to the larger issues and experiences of hCG and weightloss in our modern world today.

Like our Survey? Please let us and others know:

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