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Positive Reinforcment Rewards

When it comes to need-to-know hCG diet information, one of the most important things to build in right from the start is behavior modification system that really works to keep you motivated and rewarded both to stay the course while on the diet and to maintain the weight loss afterwards.

Hands down the best way to achieve lasting change is to provide yourself with behavior modification incentives and postive reinforcement every opportunity you possibly can. Celebrate every milestone with inexpensive and rewards that are relevant to the new-you and serve you as powerful behavior modification while boosting your self concept and self esteem. You are worth it! Show yourself!

Here is the one that is the most popular with our hCG diet information divas - The Groupon - discount group coupons that provide you with regular built in rewards, typically 50 to 90% off things like hair salon services, massages, manicures, facials, day spas packages, lunch with a girlfriend, a sexy new pair of jeans - even organic groceries or a bed and breakfast weekend away! All from merchants right in your city.

Here, for example, you see today's special discount in Tucson Arizona.


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Simply provide Groupon with your email address (privacy assured), that's it, and then each morning you'll receive "Today's Deal" right in your inbox.

When you see a Groupon discount coupon for an offer that you like – NAB IT QUICK! Did you notice the little counter ticking away the time left to buy this offer? Groupons are only available for purchase for one 24-hour day! Tomorrow you will find a different Todays Deal in your inbox, and a different one every day after that.

Buying your coupon online that day reserves your discount with that merchant, and you can print it out use it anytime at your convenience. Often Groupon expiry dates are many months away; your individual coupon will tell you how to redeem it.

It gets even better!

You can ask to receive Today's Deals for another city too – your hometown? a family member’s city ? — and buy discounted GIFT COUPONS up to 90% off with the daily Groupon offers in other cities.

Buy a spa day for your daughter, a ticket to an uplifting show for your friend who's just bought a new red dress in a size she hasn't worn since high school, or a romantic weekend away for you and your love in a city you’ve always wanted to visit – New York? San Francisco? Toronto?

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Everyone loves Groupons! And YOU love saving money while supporting your weight loss success or someone elses who, like you, is really succeeding at permanent weight loss at long last!

How's that for hCG diet information that really keeps on working to help you feel better and better about yourself long after you've reached your personal best YOU.

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