Patty's hCG Diet Success Stories

My hCG diet success stories all center around the valuable lessons I learned about the relationship between stress and weight gain in the ten years that my weight climbed from 160 to 270 lbs.

I experienced firsthand how stress can recalibrate your entire metabolism, changing everything in your life. I will be writing the story in much more detail here, but for now it is enough to say "stress kills" and changing your metabolic chemistry is just one of its many deadly weapons.

You've probably heard the words, "Inside every fat person is a thin person screaming to get out", but until you've been locked inside inside ever growing prison walls of fat, you really don't know what imprisonment is.

Here, through the telling of my own and other's hCG diet success stories using the popular hCG Weight Loss Protocol, I hope to offer hope and confidence to everyone who is dealing with the overwhelming stress of being overweight.

hCG Diet Success Stories

A Quick Overview of My hCG Weight Loss Experience

I did four consecutive courses of hCG on the program (with the progress shown these photos), using hCG daily for 42 days (forgoing hCG on the days of my period as per the Simeons protocol - get the protocol here). I used the prescribed weeks off between hCG courses to get comfortable at my new weight and practice new skills maintaining it.

I lost pretty much the same amount of weight with each hCG course, and averaged about 30 lbs lost each course. My loss only differed 3-5 lbs between courses. This rate of fat loss was consistent whether I was used (medical doctor prescribed) Rx hCG or the hcg brand we now offer on the site.

And yes, it was actual fat loss I achieved, here is how I confirmed real fat loss to be certain I was losing actual fat and not muscle or simply losing water weight.

I should mention that during my last two courses I learned that diet booster supplements gave me the edge to lose slightly more weight (fat) during that particular course.

I also noticed during the courses where I was dealing with more stress (just life) I lost slightly less weight.

The slight variances (between daily losses or course losses) never got me down though, quite the opposite. It was thrilling to step on the scale every morning and see actual loss, even if was an incremental one.

I got familiar with the fact that some days I would lose more than others and began to observe that it depended on things like my where I was in my monthly cycle, my stress level, etc (a digital scale in 10ths was invaluable for this kind of detective work).

I noted my hCG diet success stories and observations in my daily diet journal (which you can pick up in the Fast Start Gift Package, and these observations were unexpectedly very helpful for enabling me to get acquainted with the "new me" and maintain my new weight with ease.

I had one inexplicable plateau that lasted 3 days (stuck at the same pound), and I turned to Dr Simeons’ manual to remind myself what was happening in the natural process of things. Thank goodness for that manual - I referred to it alot! -- and it also helped me remain more stress-free. After the plateau the weight loss caught itself up and resumed my usual fat loss pattern at a fairly predictable rate.

Through all the challenges, I searched for the most effective weight loss tools to support me. After trying innumerable ones, I found those that really worked wonders on all the above challenges. I owe a lot of my success to them in fact, and you can enjoy learning more about them to achieve your very best Weight Loss with hCG.

To me that means, both best rate of fat loss, AND lasting weight loss results!

Many of these tools had to do with retraining my mind - everything from my self concept to my habits and attitudes - and the mental metamorphosis of weight loss was in many ways as dramatic as the physical one. If a picture says a thousand words, then this picture of me standing in one leg of my former super-plus size pants says it all for me! Anyone with hCG Diet Success Stories to share has a picture like this one.

And no, I didn’t cheat. I followed Dr Simeone’s manual to the letter, which really wasn’t hard at all, especially since its hcg diet success stories inspired me at every turn of the page.

Since that time I have kept the weight off effortlessly due to a combination of my newly recalibrated-higher metabolism (thanks to the hCG program), my newly retrained higher self concept and health minded attitudes, AND a wonderful little supplement I used during the breaks between hCG courses for increased metabolism and general appetite (and belly fat) management, that I have continued with ever since - African Mango.


Bless African Mango! I hear so many stories about hCG Dieters who have not been able to maintain their hCG fat loss for very long after completing the program. Or dieters that gain back most of their fat losses during the requisite hCG breaks between courses, or between multiple courses if they are losing long term.

If you are struggling with either of those situations, these convenient, healthy, inexpensive capsules taken a few minutes before eating African Mango will be you new best friend!

A Few of my My Personal Insider Secrets to Ensure Everyone can create hCG Diet Success Stories

My own "Health Minded Gourmet hCG Diet Recipes" - recipes that not only reconfigure your metabolism, but your psyche and your relationship with food as well. Not your average cook book!

My trusty "tool kit", the "Sure Success HCG Master Support Program" that is perfect for anyone regardless of what hCG product or program you decide to go with. Many of the custom designed support tools are available free with the 4-bottle Share-with-a-Friend package, however if you don't need these drops the Master Support is also offered as a great stand alone by popular demand.

My personal research into the use of hcg for obesity and the latest scientific findings on beating obesity and busting the weight loss myths -- for fast, inevitable and lasting weight loss success to everyone who yearns for it!

And, okay, if you don't already know this little insider secret diet support tool GEM you'll thank me for telling you. I consider it built-in body image retraining, personal incentive and positive reinforcement (at half off!) ... I nab up all the spas visits, hair care, manicures and much more, whenever they are offered. This is also available right in your hometown (just click the deal and enter your own city to check your deals).

Here's a whole directory of hCG Diet Success Stories where you'll find various kinds of success stories submitted by site visitors, as well as an inviting spot for you to add your own personal story.

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hCG Diet Success Stories