hCG Drops - Homeopathic or Prescription?

Trying to decide which is the best sublingual hCG drops for you? What are the similarities and what are the differences between Homeopathic Drops and Prescription Drops.

Here is a comparison, from someone who's used both - Patty - that will help you decide.

First of all the good news is that both nonprescription and prescription sublingual drops are widely available in the USA. And that drops (whether Rx or non-Rx) are generally much more widely preferred than injections and just as effective.

Homeopathic hCG Drops

This is the hCG product that is the easiest to obtain and least expensive one to buy, because it does not require a prescription.

If you have never tried it before you may do very well to begin with it. It is only one you can legally obtain without a doctor's prescription, but although it is classified as an over the counter drug it offers you numerous other advantages.

Consider this about USA-made hCG Homeopathic sublingual drops:

This is the most inexpensive from of hCG available.

Yes, homeopathic hCG is real human hCG. Or, alternatively, if for any reason you prefer not to use a human sourced hCG, there is the bioidentical homepathic hCG (biologically identical to the human form), which is formulated in a medical laboratory.

The majority of people who have gone the homeopathic hCG route have had just as much success losing excess fat as those who've gone the Rx hCG route,

It's easy and important to locate USA-made homeopathic drops that meet legal health and consumer standards (more on this below) and offers all the convenience and safety that implies,

By its very nature sublingual hCG drops do not involve the risks of needles and intramuscular hCG injections,

It's guaranteed to be what it claims, guaranteed to contain the strengths and standards stated,

AND you can get it conveniently without a prescription.

The only real challenge, as with any over the counter drug, is to find a product that works better than another. Read our review about Homeopathic hCG

Homeopathic hCG and Homeopathy Medicine's Governing Bodies

Homeopathic hCG USA-made is made using "real" human hCG, or bio-identical hCG, in standardized homeopathic ratios according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), the guidelines of which are included in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does require that homeopathic remedies meet certain legal standards for strength, purity, and packaging information.

If you have never heard of Homeopathy, which is another name for Homeopathic Medicin,) before here is more information about its medical history, how it works and why.

Interested in ordering hCG USA made sublingual drops? Here are the ones that we have ourselves used and had great success with: Purchase USA-Made sublingual hCG drops.


The main difference between sublingual hCG drops and its homeopathic counterpart is just that - it is prescribed by a doctor.

Prescription drops share most of the same advantages of homeopathic drops except that because they can only be obtained by prescription they are more expensive, and they are prescription because they are formulated differently to a more undiluted pharmaceutical grade strength.

Prescriptions are controlled substances and fall under the authority of the FDA (a USA drug governmental agency - more about them in a minute), and prescribed substances require medical guidance to obtain and to use.

The actual hCG itself (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone), which is used in prescription weight loss treatments, falls into an interesting nether-land position since it is not sanctioned by the FDA for use in the treatment of weight loss, however it sanctioned when used for reproductive medical treatments.


To clarify, hCG is approved by the USA's FDA for its effective role in metabolism and other health benefits having to do with the health of the reproductive system. But it is not recognized by the Federal Drug administration specifically for weight loss.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency in the U.S.A under the department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through various regulations. It also supervises the food safety in various items like tobacco products, dietary supplements, vaccines etc.

The hCG that is filled through prescriptions here in the United States, although it does not fall under the FDA rules per se, is Pharmaceutical Grade nonetheless because pharmacies insist on it for their own protection, so with consumer safety in mind it is standardized for potency and made to specification standards usually in FDA approved labs.

When it comes to consumer safety, even when you order hCG USA made, your pharmacy watch dogs must also be vigilant on your behalf because all hCG is expiry-date sensitive, and must be transported within reasonable distances to maintain certain cool temperature ranges so as to avoid damaging its potency.

You can voice your USA-made hCG preference in specifically ordering hCG made in the USA from your pharmacy. Your pharmacist can tell you where your Rx hCG was made if you request that information. In fact, (coming to pharmacies soon) this type of product information, and more, will be included in your bar code scan at the time your prescription is filled.

Ready to find a doctor to prescribe your sublingual hCG drops (or other form of prescription hCG for weight loss, visit our Directory of hCG Programs and Providers, which is a nation-wide self-entry directory of patient reviews and experiences.