hCG for Obesity

Using hCG for obesity can help you bust the Genetic Predisposition Myth

If you think that you are locked into being overweight for life because of a "predisposition" to obesity - think again.

If you assume that you are overweight because it runs in your family, and therefore you will inevitably pass it on to your children - think again.

Epigenetic research has shown that you can influence the state of your own cells and the cells that even your great-grandchildren will inherit without changing the genetic code itself. Thanks to your epigenomes, which are more under your control that you realize, you can simply switch that genetic code on or off.

The same good news goes for other diseases we consider genetically predisposed like cancer, diabetes, or even various mental pathologies.

So, What exactly is an epigenome?

We know we all have DNA that we inherited from our parents, and it comes packaged in a kind of instruction book called a chromosome.

The epigenome is a series of markers that sit on top of the genetic code like a biochemical fuse box that turns the gene's code on or off. In other words, epigenetic activity determines what your genes do, or do not, express.

Science has also shown us that epignetic change can be inherited and passed on to four subsequent generations. That is why it has always been believed that this is what predisposes us to inherit certain traits, as well as diseases like obesity.

The good news is that epgenetic markers can shift throughout a person's lifetime, in large part by environment (social behavior, stress, physical activity and in particular our thoughts)and by food choices that fuel our health generally.

Epigenetic research has shown that we can intentionally influence the state of our own cells and therefore the cells that our great-grandchildren will inherit without changing the genetic code itself.

How Does using hCG for Obesity Bust the Genetic Predisposition Cycle?

Getting your obesity under control now, experiencing stress free weight loss, and having the confidence to know you can intervene on your own behalf anytime you need to and never be obese again, can play a big role in making that shift and promoting this longterm epigenetic adaption.

As losing weight improves everything from our identity and self esteem, to family dynamics and job satisfaction, to getting out and enjoying the city we live in, to freeing us from the stress of obesity cycle, our future susceptibility for obesity (and other disease) and ultimately our lifespan ALL improves.

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