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If you are already using hCG for Weightloss you'll find this quiz fascinating and enlightening!

Learn how many others users are using injections, sublingual drops or homeopathic forms of hCG. Discover the results they have achieved, what specifics about the protocol they credit with their most success, and which ones they had the most challenge with.

Please do not complete the quiz until you have finished at least one 28-day course on the hCG Diet so that we may have accurate and authentic hCG Dieter data.

Simply answer these quiz questions straight forwardly, choosing whichever response most closely fits your experience.

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Under 30 lbs
30 to 60 lbs
60 to 100 lbs
100 to 140 lbs
Over 140 lbs
hCG injections (USA Rx)
hCG injections (offshore source)
hCG sublingual drops (USA Rx)
hCG sublingual drops (offshore)
hCG homeopathic drops (USA)
hCG homeopathic drops (offshore)
hCG transdermal cream (USA Rx)
The two high-eating days were guilt provoking and scary!
The first couple of days on low calories made me feel headachy
First week was very challenging
I could fee the body adjusting but no real problems
No problem whatsoever
Yes, I met or exceeded my goal
I adjusted my goal to be more realistic and then met it
I had no expectations but was pleased with my results
No, I fell disappointingly short
No, I quit the program before finishing
.5 lb or less
.5 to 1 lb fairly consistently
1 lb to 2 lbs fairly consistently
Often over 2 lbs
Yes, frequent 2-3 day plateaus
Yes, occasional plateaus longer than 4 days.
Loss slowed during last half of my monthly cycle
No, just fairly steady losses throughout
Apple days worked like a charm
I upped my allowable activity
I drank more water
I readjusted my portions or food choices
I got more sleep
I managed stress more seriously
I just kept on keeping on and didn't let it get to me
Yes, dry skin
Yes, constipation
Yes, thinning hair
Yes, boredom
Yes, hunger
Yes, lack of support
Some of these, but no real problem
Yes, emphatically
Probably, it has its advantages
I am not sure
No, it did not work for me
Yes, it is like a new me
Yes, it is much easier now to maintain my weight and eat what I love
Yes, as long as I stay mindful about my choices
Maybe, not sure
No, I don't think so
Losing weight changed my self concept
Losing fat improved my relationship
Losing fat improved my career
Losing excess fat improved my health
Succeeding gave me a new sense of personal power over my weight at last
Some other benefits
No, no real benefits

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