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Our hCG Forums were designed bring you the best firsthand hcg user insights, support and truly useful hcg information - all presented on any easy to use platform.

The forums are currently being built and we wanted to give you a heads up so you could participate right from the very first post.

For starters, come and join the lively discussion with our group on FaceBook. Meet your new best friends!

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So many great people have written us with these kinds of stories, we'll begin our forums by entering them and giving everyone a look at the kind of generous help out there to support your success.

We've all proven this hCG weight loss program really works through many months of living it - each day experiencing weight loss despite whatever our past history with dieting and whatever life challenges came our way.

What makes this program so successful is the people - sharing their insights, sharing their opinions and discoveries, sharing their successes and their challenges.

Stay tuned - bookmark this page.

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