Do hCG Homeopathic or Amino Isolate Drops
Burn Fat as Well as Rx hCG Does?

Yes. HCG homeopathic drops and hCG amino isolate drops are just as effective as their prescription hCG counterpart - that has been our firsthand experience.

We used all three (during different 28 day programs), and found that while they all work wonderfully, hCG Amino Acid Isolate drops (the same amino acid chemical components found in human hCG but lab created, not collected from human urine) seemed to us to have the winning advantage - since they are as effective or better than the other two, AND less expensive.

Since the question, "Is over the counter hCG just as effective as prescription hCG?" is one of the most frequently asked question we receive about from site visitors, I thought we'd dedicate an entire page to answering the question fully based on our experience with the hCG product we used and now offer for sale on our site. ~ Patty


That is a good question. I’d love to see more women asking such health-minded questions before they buy some unknown hCG product.

I’ve been a professional health research writer over 20 years so I recognized what I was seeing when my fat loss was occurring. To make sure I was not doing anything unhealthy or compromising my well-being in any way, I charted everything (using the support tools in our Fast Start Guide) -- I tracked all intake and all outgo -- including the number of steps taken in a day (using a pedometer), since walking was my only form of exercise. I saw with my own eyes that I was not losing muscle, but I also knew I was not cannibalizing muscle protein because I tested my urine daily with an over the counter drugstore kit for monitoring that.


Body Composition Monitor & Scale

To provide ourselves with a serious validation tool we bought a top of the line Omron body composition monitor and scale (that is the brand name of the one pictured here) that measures several things like Lbs/Kilos, BMI, Fat %, Muscle %, Water % and more. I weighed and measured myself daily; I used hCG for over a year to lose over 100 lbs of FAT and in that time I think I did 7 separate “courses” of hCG (4 consecutively).

I tracked ALL results using the Omron scale, and during that time I was on hCG Rx drops, injections, transdermal cream and pellets, and on the hCG homeopathic drops (the only one available without a doctor’s prescription, the same product that is on the site). I used every from of hCG product intentionally, specifically so I could compare results – fat loss results in particular. That was the health researcher in me. I’ve mentioned already in my success story that my results were fairly consistent across all these various hCG products, whether over the counter homeopathic or medical prescription.

As my personal success story about weight loss using hCG explains, I used both Rx hCG and homeopathic versions with the same fat loss results. And I compared the two results using the measuring and tracking methods I am outlining here to determine which one gave me the best (fastest, easiest, healthiest, longest lasting) results.

If you're like me you'd enjoy finding your own hcg amino isolate drops or hCG homeopathic drops fat-loss “proof” for these hCG drops, like I did. I heartily recommend using this scale for that. But you could also use the caliper fat-fold measurement method, the submersion method, or various other fat loss measuring methods that fitness facilities can provide for you. Curves, ( for example, uses their version of the Omron scale.

We will be adding pages to the site recommending the use of the Omron. It is not expensive (less than $100) and from my experience I believe it will be a very good tool to help people know (without any guesswork) if they are achieving healthy fat loss results.


In addition I think it also helps people to know if their hCG product is the real deal, as well as how their individual body responds to the hCG protocol or any other weight loss diet they try.

Although we learned that with a an authentic hCG homeopathic product there is literally a complete absence of actual physical hunger - which is really the BIG indicator you are using real hCG - nonetheless it is always validating to have an outside source of that confirmation for personal reassurance. It is after all your health. Remember also however to take into consider that hunger can take on many other forms without being an actual physical need to eat.


We are not medical experts, nor do we claim to be. We are not licensed to practice medicine nor to give medical advice. The way we understand it as lay-people is that basically hCG homeopathic products work by activating the same metabolic acceleration of fat loss that medical hCG does. Homeopathy is actually another type of medical science. This site page explains more about how hCG homeopathic drops work, what is in them, and more about how homeopathic medicine works generally.

I know it seems a little hard to understand how this type of medicine could work when homeopathic ratios are so small, however I can say that was on these drops for many months and had the same fat loss rate as I did when I used prescription hCG drops. You can read my story here I did not lose any muscle even though you do no serious exercise on the protocol. But I did lose over 100 lbs of fat.

Genuine (real) homeopathic medicine works safely, and it is easy and inexpensive to see what your results would be yourself. You can always try the more expensive Rx drops later if you want to compare your individual results.

I discovered through my experience that the main thing is not whether the drops are hCG homeopathic or hCG prescription, but that they are genuine and not fake formulations. Only an authentic hCG product will give you healthy weight loss results with no hunger during the process, and without it the 500 calorie diet would be dangerously extreme.

The hCG homeopathic drops on our site are legitimate; they are the leading hCG diet brand in the USA – the same drops sold at celebrity spas, health food stores, clinics etc. (for $79 and up). Annie and I tried many brands of hcg homeopathic drops, some with real hCG and some bioidentical digitally lab-created hCG, and some hCG amino acid isolates and after all was said and this is the one - the one we now sell on our site -- that generated the best fat loss results, by far.

By contrast, if you were unknowingly using a fake brand (see fake pharmaceuticals and hCG Scams for more info) you are right, the 500 calorie diet would promote rapid muscle loss because the hCG Diet calorie intake is so low that without the benefit of hCG to burn fat muscle would burned since it is an easier energy source for the body to break down first.

Learn more about the bonefide hCG product we ourselves used - read the label, its suggested usage, its USA manufacturer and more.