hCG Injection Diet and its Alternatives

The hCG Injection Diet was the gold standard in Dr. Simeons' popular weight loss practice at Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy, for many decades until his death in 1970.

While there is certainly no denying that Dr. Simeons hCG injections weightloss plan has stood the test of time simply by succeeding for countless thousands of people with its simple, solid program, we suspect that if Dr. Simeons were alive today he would be glad to see the new hCG alternatives that have recently become available.

Today we have various hCG alternatives. This video will walk you through a comparison of prescription and non-prescription hCG products, user info, costs, product care, and lots of other helpful user insights as it shows and demonstrates each one.

The Original hCG Injection Diet

Although a complete hCG Injection Diet program was laid out by Dr. Simeons today his program has metamorphosed into numerous kind of hcg programs where the needles are administered by doctors and clinics on a schedule they decide.

Other clinics teach you how to self administer the injections, usually once a day using needles the way Diabetes do, however any doctor who is willing to write a prescription for hCG is well aware that any procedure that breaks the skin is known as a "medical procedure" (complete with side effects like infections, liabilities of other kinds, etc) and so this involves another layer to the hcg injection diet treatment.

Generally, these programs are expensive, not because the hCG injection material is costly, but because you are paying for their medical expertise to go with it.

However, although budgeting may be your first concern, take a minute to learn why ordering so-called non-prescription hCG injections ordered offshore is most often NOT worth the risk.

These days medical providers of prescription hCG in all forms are becoming more widespread - check to find a provider near you in our hCG Weight Loss Programs Directory

hCG Transdermal Creams

hCG Transdermal creams are the newcomers on the block and because many people want to stick with a delivery method with a longer track record (or what their friends had success with), and because compounding pharmacies that offer it are harder to come by, the cream is not in wide use at the moment - although I predict this will change when more people discover it.

It is about the same price as injections (depending on your source), and naturally it is the easiest of all to use since you simply apply it (usually 1 pump, about the size of a raisin, to your inside wrists) once a day. Getting into the routine first thing in the morning after your shower is a convenient and easy to remember.

The cream is full strength hCG and as such requires a prescription. While some pharmacies are currently rushing to get on the lucrative hCG bandwagon, others do not offer it or have not heard of it. Compounding pharmacies on the other hand are a good source since they are well informed about it and mix it fresh on the day you receive it.

It is creamy looking, spreads like hand cream, has no odor and is oil-free (so it does not interfere with your diet). If you abhor needles and need the once a day convenience of hCG cream but can't locate it anywhere, bounce us an email and we'll help you locate USA compounding pharmacies.

hCG Sublingual Drops

Another popular alternative to the hCG Injection Diet is sublingual drops, which is about the same price as injections and like injections requires a prescription. The drops need to be administered twice a day, dropped under your tongue, morning and evening (10 minutes before eating or drinking).

RX hCG Sublingual drops are widely used among needle-avoiders mainly because they are fairly easy to use and to locate regular pharmacies to fill this prescription.

The drops come in two parts, the vial of hCG solution and the dropper. The two are combined fresh for use on Day One of your weight loss program because when combined it has a shelf life of only 2 or 3 months - less if you contaminate it with your tongue etc.

hCG Homeopathic Sublingual Drops

Another modern adaption of the popularity of hCG Injection Diet, finds Homeopathic hCG in the widest use of all because it is the only one that does not require a prescription. It is used exactly like the Rx hCG sublingual drops, and dosing is twice a day. Learn more about what homeopathic medicine is and how it works differently than allopathic (prescription) medicine here.

Like anything that is over the counter the challenge to the consumer becomes finding one brand over another that actually works for you.

From our perspective each alternative has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we've known countless people using each of these alternatives who swear by their choice.

As a general rule our recommendation to beginners, or those on a restricted budget, is to go with a reputable Homeopathic hCG product and experience what results you can achieve. Since it is the easiest and least expensive of all the product alternatives to start with.

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