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We just wanted to make our site simple, so that's why our hCG oral drops sale is on every day.

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We're not high powered business people, we're simple people who totally loved the hcg drops that we used to achieve our 150 lb (collective) weight loss. You can see why we're so happy with the product if you read our success stories here.

We knew they were the largest manufacturer of hCG drops and the leading brand in the USA, and (being savvy health consumers as we are) they'd even provided us with their FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) information and their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance when we'd asked!

But we'd become become their biggest fans on the planet (having tried several other brands in the process) not because of any of those admittedly important things, but because this product worked!

After our successful weight loss we were passionate about sharing the success so we were inspired to build this site to share every insider tip we'd learned, including this product.

So, we contacted the manufacturer directly and got the lowest price we possibly could in order to be able to offer it conveniently on the site as well, rather than just referring people to their local health food store for it.

We also hoped that the lowest possible price would put it within the reach of more discouraged people who had heard that hCG weight loss programs were selling for $400 - 800. at clinics.

Turns out the manufacturer was happy to support our mission, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this hCG oral drops sale (everyday!) at far greater savings than the $79.99 per bottle that we ourselves paid at our health food store when we got started.

And that is the inspiration behind our everyday hCG sale prices.

hCG Drops On Sale Everyday