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This helpful hCG Programs Directory is designed to enable interested hCG weight loss clients to easily locate and contact trusted and respected professional medical hCG providers, programs, clinics etc. in their area. Be here where they can find you! Visit the Directory Main Menu Here

To be included in the directory simply submit your listing information in the form below, beginning with the professional name of the director of hCG services (Scroll Down to See Sample Listing and other FAQs).

Your submitted listing information will be reviewed and verified, usually within 48 hours, and upon approval it will entered into our popular hCG Programs Directory database.

Thank you for your interest in hCG for weight loss, and in helping us make excellent, safe and effective Rx hCG care more easily and widely available.


Who Can be in this hCG Programs Directory?

This directory was designed for medical prescription hCG providers. If you are the health care provider, director, founder or administrative, or otherwise responsible person for a health clinic, medical office, program or group offering licensed (board certified), highly experienced, health practices in providing pharmaceutical hCG for weight loss - this is the directory for you.

Please note, we reserve the right to verify your information.

Additionally, please note that at this time this directory is medical prescription hCG providers, and NOT intended for Homeopathic hCG providers - this will be another separate directory. Please send us a Notify Me email letting us know that you wish to be notified when the Homeopathic hCG Providers and Programs Directory becomes available. It is currently under development and we will be giving away free listings to the first comers on our notify-me list.


Here you can see a current, live, professional directory listing. As you can see a listing is an entire dedicated webpage with photos and live links. The page url is keyword tagged to that specific provider, thus providing the listing with its highest keyword search rank ability - this is a search engine optimization marketing advantage for your individual business.

HOW Does a Listing in the hCG Programs Directory Benefit Me?

Your professional listing will enable you to target, reach and connect with prospective clients who are searching specifically for your services in your area.

Clients that come to you via our directory are not only exactly the people you are looking for, but they also come to very well informed on the process of hCG weight loss thanks to the tremendously helpful educational component and support material available on this site.

With your generously detailed professional listing on our highly respected and well trafficked site you receive a prominent, full page hCG Programs Directory profile with:

Bolded Title,
Street Address, City, State,
Phone Contact Information,
Website Live-Link,
A Second Social Media Live-Link (optional),
Up to four photos
Description up to 600 words (a full page of web content)

You also receive the use of dozens of support material documents (free gifts for our site visitors), which are freely available for you to distribute to your clients as print-outs with a paid directory listing.

Plus, as mentioned before, you receive an annual statement with insightful metrics of your listing-visitor activity - and what they came searching for. And you'll receive invaluable third party comments, positive client testimonials and feedback online.

How Much Does a Listing in this Medical hCG Providers and Programs Directory Cost?

As a courtesy to medical hCG providers, and in support of our site visitors, the first listing in any state or province is available at no charge for the first month.

The introductory cost for an annual directory listing is $99.99. USD. And a convenient $9.99/monthly recurring payment plan is also available.

How do I pay for the listing?

The payment options above are located on the third page of the listing content form. After you click "submit listing" you will automatically be taken to the editable-content preview page; If you wish to be notified when your listing goes live, be sure to select that notification option you'll see there. Next you will be taken to payment page for secure credit card processing. You will receive receipt for online payment directly from, the credit card processing service our company (Devonhills) uses.

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What ROI Metrics are Available?

At the end of your first year you will receive documents detailing the monthly number of unique visitors to your listing page, as well as its page ranking performance on top search engines (Google, Ask and Bing). We also provide information on third party webpage performance tracking that you can elect to put into place. Additionally, you are also encouraged to create a separate landing page on your official site, linking directly from your directory page on this site to that page on your site, in order to verify the new traffic being generated for you by this directory, thus providing you with an in-house marketing measurement source.

What Social Media Marketing Advantages are Available?

Many of our providers use their directory listing here as a social media page destination in order to take advantage of our large social media network, our social media generated traffic and also to provide fresh, ever updated support material for their clients. In conjunction with our site traffic, we also tweet all new listings on Twitter, and announce them on our Facebook wall, as well as our other social media venues.

We are well connected in the social media field and offer our directory clients many invaluable social media business building tools, services and benefits. For example, here is 25 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Marketing Today! to get you started.

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What disclaimers are included in this hCG Programs Directory?

Here are the disclaimers of the site owners. However if we find that you have misrepresented your business or product, we reserve the right to end your listing with immediate notice, and no compensation.

DISCLAIMER: The products and statements provided here by the hCG Programs Directory listing providers have not been evaluated by the site owners. Statements they may contain are not intended to provide medical advice or medical service without first allowing for the evaluation and due diligence of the consumer.While hCG programs are offered by a variety of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, biochemists and other health professionals, we advise consumers to do their own careful research about the provider they choose.

OUR ADDITIONAL WORD OF CAUTION: We have experienced firsthand that whenever you use hCG you must be very sure you know the manufacturing source, the exact ingredients, and use only USA-Made hCG in order to provide yourself with the advantage of American consumer health and safety laws.

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