The Health Gourmet Collection of Best HCG Recipes

You've heard that the hCG recipes for achieving fat loss by "reconfiguring" your metabolism are essential very low calorie recipes, and though you understand why you're still nervous that they won't be nutritious, satisfying or enjoyable.

Not true! The hCG eating plan does NOT have to be low taste or low satisfaction! And what's more it doesn't have to be a lot of work, or too non-realworld to be realistic or sustainable!


Here is Patty's personal collection of best-of-the-best gourmet AND max-health-conscious recipes -- the tried and true standbys that saw her sail through a year of successful, steady, stress-free fat loss.

Recipes with a Purpose such as satisfying emotional eating, jogging the bowels, calming stress, or boosting the brain.

Recipes for Lazy Days will help you on those days when you just don't have the interest or time to get creative in the kitchen.

Feel Good recipes for times when you really do need to sit down to some personally rewarding comfort food or something extra delicious.

Recipes for Special Occasions will help you present gourmet fancy meals worthy of your finest china and crystal on those special life celebration occasions.

Restaurant Savvy offers you meal choices when dining out that will allow you to fit right in at the finest restaurant without either guilt or deprivation, AND without drawing attention to your diet.

Fast Food to Go for people on the go, clever convenience meals that you can easily make ahead and bring with you wherever you go so that you never have to be at large in the world without your own support.

Training Wheel Meals that will enable you to effortlessly modify your behavior while showing you that you can indeed maintain your weight and still eat well for the rest of your life.

And much more!

All recipes have been "Patty Approved", created, collected and compiled over the course of her continuous year cycling through the various phases of the hCG diet.


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