HCG Saved My Marriage!

by Jennifer
(Orange County, California)

I was so overweight and unhappy my self esteem was in the toilet. No wonder my marriage was suffering! My work was suffering too, as well as my health.

But most of all it was my self concept that was flushed down the sewer. And I was filled with self loathing for the negative effect I could see that was having on my pre teen daughters.

I'd even started avoiding my husband's embraces, obsessing that he must only be thinking how disgustingly squishy I felt under his touch.

Yes, I'd tried every imaginable diet without success. I know we've heard all that before. Tragically it is true. But HCG turned it ALL around. My whole life.

65 lbs lighter and infinitely more happy, healthy and wise I am writing this story to say to anyone who is sitting on the fence mulling it over, "What have you got to lose except your misery?"

Right from the first days I started losing a pound a day. Think of it! A pound a day ... and I can honestly say I was never hungry. After the first few days I began to realize what a profound impact my negative self talk had, and the easy, rapid weight loss gave me the mental break I needed from it. I began to have hope and that helped replace my negativism with optimism.

Thank you hCG! My husband thanks you, my daughter's thank you too.

MY LESSON? If you don't have a healthy self concept to have a loving relationship with yourself, you can't have healthy relationships with anyone!

Non-Jiggley Jennifer

P.S. Thank you too Patty and Annie. This site has been a great friend to me on this journey to my new self. Bless you for it!

(SORRY I don't have a "before" photo. I always ripped up all photos of me when I was heavy)

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