hCG Scam - Fake Pharmacueticals a Growing Problem!

Before you get lured in by an oh-so-tempting hCG scam be sure to learn the facts about the sky rocketing counterfeit pharmaceuticals industry online.

Offshore Companies offering hCG without a Prescription is becoming a HUGE growing criminal business preying on financially pressed consumers looking for discount medicines and pharmaceuticals online.

A 2009 article in the Washington Post stated that selling fake pharmaceuticals online has become a $28 million industry in the United States alone. With so much growing profit at stake, "The Internet is just the wild, wild West," said Dr. Bryan A. Liang, vice president of the Partnership for Safe Medicines, an advocacy group.

The Fake hCG Scam is only part of a bigger counterfeit drug scam.

Though counterfeit drugs have a history as old as snake oil, the high cost of many prescription drugs has driven U.S. consumers to hunt for cheaper alternatives on the Internet. According to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, a trade group, Americans spent $254 billion on prescription drugs last year, up 1.8 percent from 2007. The long-running recession has made such costs more difficult for many consumers to afford prescription drugs, experts said.

Can You Tell if your Online Pharmacy is Legitimate

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy maintains a list of roughly 4,000 questionable online pharmacies. It also certifies legitimate sellers through its Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice sites program. Only seventeen have passed the test.

hCG, while sold by USA pharmacies as a prescription substance for reproductive medical problems it is not under the FDC authority for medical use in weight loss. There is no reporting service if you become the victim of an online hCG Scam.

Fake Medicines for Sale Online is a Serious U.S. Problem

The crackdowns on fake drugs have expanded into a veritable global surveillance system encompassing half a dozen U.S. agencies and 24 countries. In the United States, task forces descended on seven major mail hubs this week, including in San Francisco, Miami and Cincinnati, and inspected 7,088 packages in one week.

In New York, federal agents spent the week at Kennedy Airport pulling suspicious packages from China, India, Peru, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Taiwan and Russia, trying to spot distribution trends and gathering leads.

An alphabet soup of government agencies -- ICE, CBP, FDA, DEA -- is working to intercept counterfeit medicines containing everything from antifreeze to drywall powder, as they arrive in the United States before being shipped to unwitting consumers. Overseas, Interpol officers and task forces stormed suspected counterfeit drug warehouses and distribution centers.

"For the criminals, at least," said Richard Halverson, unit chief at the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, "we're telling them that everybody's looking."

The problem is that like all illegal sales, crackdowns make pharmaceutical counterfeiters even more ingenious.

The burgeoning rise of Internet sales of counterfeit pharmaceuticals has expanded the marketplace and supply chain for the drugs. For example, a site that claims to be headquartered in the USA can have its product made in Pakistan, warehoused in New Delhi, shipped from Europe, with the site registered in China and its server hosted in Russia.

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