What you need to Know about
Buying hCG Sublingual Drops

Offshore Companies offering hCG sublingual drops without a prescription is becoming a HUGE growing criminal business preying on desperately overweight and financially pressed consumers looking for discount hCG online.

The Washington Post stated in a 2009 article that selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals online has become a $28 million industry in the United States alone. And hCG diet drops are a growing segment of the fake pharmaceutical industry.

With so much growing profit at stake, Dr. Bryan A. Liang, vice president of the Partnership for Safe Medicines, an advocacy group, warns consumers to beware.


Of the three prescription Hcg versions generally available to consumers, Rx hCG drops are the most popular form of hCG taken since they are far more convenient to use than Rx injections, and far easier to find than Rx transdermal hCG creams.

Because they are the most popular of the prescription hCG products they are also the one most often faked. In fact, we've been talking to numerous people who have order what they believed to be Rx hCG products online and discovered it to be entirely bogus, or worse, dangerous for human health.

We've even heard stories of Rx hCG drops that have tested not to be authentic human hCG (the "h" in hCG is intended to mean "human") but from animals. Most often we've heard that whatever consumers received was ineffective, simply did not work as described in Dr. Simeons hCG Protocol. Add to that countless stories of credit care fraud.

Not surprisingly offshore sources have the highest rates of fraud because they are impossible for USA consumer safety organizations to monitor. We always recommend confirming that you buying from a USA source since consumer health safety procedures can be well verified, however many hCG scam artists purport to have USA based addresses and when delivered the shipping post mark indicates it has come from Asia or other foreign country and the product label gives no indication it is actually what was ordered.

Homeopathic hCG Safe Alternative

The Homeopathic hCG Alternative is a Far Safer Choice than Pseudo Rx hCG of unknown origin or unknown composition.

Legitimate hCG sublingual drops that are available in non-prescription form are commonly known as homeopathic hCG drops. This is the form of hCG sublingual drops that we chose - made in the USA and verified to be manufactured to FDA standards.

If are going the Rx hCG route we mightily encourage you to do under the care of a licensed medical provider, and not take the risk (health wise and credit card wise) of buying any hCG product claiming to be a prescription product online.

We've just heard too many horror stories.