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Throughout our site we have created places for us to to share our personal hCG success stories in order to serve as inspiration and information for everyone.

Below you'll find a site map of quick links to the generous contributions of our fabulous site visitors, where you'll find personal success stories and photos of all kinds to help you on your own weight loss journey.

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hCG Product Testimonials
Here you'll find real-world experiences and feedback from users of the hCG Diet Drops sold here on our site. These were the same diet drops Patty used for her weight loss, which she talks about in the story below.

Patty's Personal 120 Lb Weight Loss Story
In pictures and words Patty tells the story firsthand of how she achieved a 120 lb weight loss using hCG. Patty tracked her results carefully as she used all the various hCG products available during her year long weight loss journey. In this interesting story she talks about the various Rx hCG products as well as homeopathic hCG products she used, and describes her experiences and results with each one.

hCG Before and After Pics
The hCG weight loss journey can trigger some really helpful insights, life changing lessons and profound personal realizations as the hCG stories and photos on this page can certainly attest.

Goodbye Fat Pants!
A fascinating inside look at every overweight person's nemesis - the FAT PANTS! Here you'll find a collection of amazing and amusing stories and photos, a combination of fat pants retrospective and fat pants farewell forever!

The Enlightening hCG User Quiz
Participating in this 10 minute quiz shows you how your hCG weight loss results and experiences compare to those of other site visitors. Simply take the quiz and you'll be taken to the hCG Users results page.

The "Last Diet Ever" Survey
This survey will give you a helpful starting point as you get a glimpse of how your personal diet history and weight loss experiences compare with other site users. Simply take the survey to access the interesting overview page.

The Best hCG Success Stories begin with the best tools:
Here you'll find our list of the Top Five hCG Diet Tools used on this site to boost fat loss results, an enjoyable weight loss experience, and lasting weight loss results.