hCG Weight Loss Diet Program -
How We Maximized Our Results!

We followed the hCG Weight Loss Diet to the letter - Dr. Simeons would have been so proud -- we were model dieters!. Except for two little (no-calorie) things that actually turned out to be two unimaginably huge result boosters! Those were the two added things that accelerated our diet results, improved our overall experience and kept our actual daily fat loss rate as high and healthful as possible.

To a great hCG product we added these two result boosters:

A truly great mental training component,
And an excellent social support component.

And that was why our weight loss results SURPASSED all of our friends, even though they were on exactly the same hCG protocol

Here's what we did in a nutshell - here is what we did step by step - the shortcut to everything you need to know to BOOST your hCG diet results. Why go on any hCG Weight Loss Diet, when you can go on the one that gives you the best, fastest, most enjoyable and most lasting results? At least that is the way we see it, knowing what we now know.

Great hCG Product We Located Proven HCG Product and Followed the Protocol

:: First we located and purchased hCG Product we could trust. At first we opted for Homeopathic hCG drops manufactured by a FDA approved USA laboratory. Later when that same Lab reported seeing even better weight loss results with their newer hCG amino-acid isolate drops we made the switch.

:: We put together a serious support tools package, what we now call the Fast Start Gift package, and read Dr Simeons hCG Protocol from cover to cover.

:: We accelerated our daily fat loss rate and supported our well-being with hCG diet-accelerating supplements, which helped us stay in control of the process and committed to being healthier and happier.

:: We learned everything we could about HCG amino acid isolates, homeopathic hCG to understand these medical sciences and gain confidence from knowing the medical history of hCG for reducing weight and how hCG acts in the body to boost metabolism and actual fat loss.

Behavior and Body Image Retraining We Made Very Sure to Do Our Behavior and Body Image Mental Training Every Day

:: We boosted our hCG Weight Loss Diet results with this subconscious reconditioning audio for positive body image and healthy self esteem.

:: We enhanced our day to day hCG Diet experience as well as our overall self concept with a collection of powerful positive affirmations we used daily, which you will receive as an eBook automatically included with your first hCG order.

:: We also improved our self esteem You can nab the free Girlfriend's Guide to Self Esteem Building eBook that resulted from self esteem building insights we gained as we lost weight, when you join our Facebook support group.

:: We were careful to keep our stress levels in check, since we knew that stress caused weight loss plateaus and poor fat loss rates. We took our "stress management" seriously in order to really make lasting physical changes that would ensure when we achieved our perfect weight we'd never be thrown off by cortisol "stress weight gain", or "stress response eating" again.

:: We used these kinds of Body Image Mental Retraining tools, and did them daily without fail, which was not at all difficult. They were fun.

HCG Diet Support We Joined a Smart, Friendly, Upbeat Social Support Network of HCG Dieters Like Us

:: We checked out all the support groups and then we decided to create the perfect hCG Support Group for ourselves (and our growing group of friends).

:: We found that regular tips to our smartphones were SO helpful we took full advantage of Twitter for hCG Tips.

:: We got right into the friendly helpfulness of our Facebook Support Group for sharing experiences, recipes and more.

:: We launched a popular email newsletter so we could stay plugged in to the "power source" of great hCG diet ideas and successful hCG dieters.

:: We cleaned up our environment at home and at the office by using more green products and less toxic ones in order to improve the new level of health awareness that we achieved on the hCG weight loss diet. Most of all we created a more healthy living environment in the biggest sense by eliminating electrosmog (EMF)and limiting radiation pollution (RF), such as WiFi, cellphone radiation etc., and learning how to protect ourselves from it. This included using a romantic looking protective EMF and RF shielding sleep canopy to achieve the "best sleep of my life". We found lots of help (and helpful free guides and inexpensive ebooks) at EMF Experts - experts in electromagnetic and cellphone radiation safety. What a difference EMF-free sleep made!

And that, in a nutshell, is how we succeeded
on the hCG Weight Loss Diet

The hCG Weight Loss Diet was as easy for us as one, two, three.

And we have the massive weight loss to prove it. Impressed with our success friends and family followed the program, just as we did, and by now countless people worldwide have followed too - all with tremendous results and lasting success.

But from our perspective the success of this hCG Weight Loss Diet program is much more personal. Because, we have to confess honestly, the most satisfying results of all is finally achieving and actually living in our "personal best bodies" (practically effortlessly) free from the plague of constant dieting, the merciless torture of a negative self image and the craziness of subconscious self sabotage.

Yes, too true.