hCG Weight Loss Injections with
  USA TeleMedicine Doctor Prescription

hCG Weight Loss Injections the New TeleMedicine Way

TeleMedicine?  So, that is what it is called.  Doctor appointments by phone.

Yes, hCG Weight Loss Injections (as well as medical grade Rx hCG drops and lozenges) can now be ordered online  along with a phone consultation with USA Licensed Physician - this new convenient form of office-less Doctor visit is called TeleMedicine.  Plus, it is less expensive than a regular Doctor office visit, and that savings extends to hCG prescriptions written by the Doctor a USA Pharmacy then delivered right to your door.  Sounds too good to be true, I know, but I was curious. I'm glad I was!

Within 72 hours of ordering my hCG product online and having a next-dayTeleMedicine phone consultation I was on my way.  Here is the prescription medical grade hCG, syringes and supplies I received from a USA licensed Pharmacy in Florida (for a 26 Day hCG Diet course).

Bottom line: Yes, Doctor Prescribed hCG Program via TeleMedicine exists, it’s the real deal, it’s less expensive than Weight Loss Clinics and Doctors Office visits, it works, and I loved my all-way-round successful experience with it, which you can scroll down to read in detail!  

NEWS!  In addition to hcg weight loss injections, prescription medical grade hCG is now also available as sub lingual drops and oral tablet/pellets (troches). Select your preferred form of hCG when you "enroll online" below as a telemedicine patient. 

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Having maintained my 100+ lbs weight loss for many months (over a year) I feel stable and in control of things enough to finish off my weight loss project, and turn again to the HGC Diet to lose the remaining pounds and achieve my best body weight.  No, not to be Twiggy-thin, or in today’s world Angelina Jolie thin, just to reach a point where I feel like I am body weight and fat % healthy and at my best for me – whatever pound number on the scale that turns out to be.

Whereas in my initial weight loss experience losing over 100 lbs, I did the hCG Diet under the guidance of my primary care physician (who has since retired), alternating courses with the amino acid isolates hCG Diet Drops (same drops we now sell here on this site) largely to keep my costs down but also because the drops gave me great weight loss results as well, this time I am opting to go with a TeleMedicine Doctor care (consultation by telephone), which the ultimate in convenience and less expensive than my health care provider. 

True, I could go back to the drops and probably do well again (in fact, I am sure of it), however I like the idea of being able to ask a lot of questions of a Doctor and her diet support staff while I am losing my final pounds, which I am wondering will be harder to lose.  So, with that in mind I chose this new online USA HCG TeleMedicine service.

I’ve only heard about TeleMedicine recently and wish I could know more details about the Doctors, and the process before I sign-up, but the two minute video on the site seems so straightforward and the list of benefits are all so reassuring as I read them off:

  • Consult with a Live Doctor (USA Licensed)
    via Secure Video or Phone
  • 100% Real Prescription HCG from licensed U.S. Pharmacies
  • Nationwide Access to TeleMedicine Doctor’s Network
  • No Office Visit Required
  • No Blood Work Required

Sounds good to me and I want to get started right away and decided to Start Our HCG Program so I click “Enroll Online” button. Later I was glad I did when I found that the phone number is not always answered by a live-person and is only available a few hours a day, so I am especially pleased to be able get started without delay while my motivation is high and I am in the right point in my monthly cycle to begin the hCG Program, just as my period is beginning.  And as I begin filling out the online forms I am even more glad I did, as I learn that upon submitting the forms the next thing that will happen is that I will be contacted by a Doctor within 24 hours.  Great, nice and quick. “When you’re ready you’re ready”, I think to myself.

FIRST - is the Program Selection.  Couldn’t be simpler.  If I wanted to lose up to 15 lbs I’d chose the 26 day program ($297), but I want to lose more so I select the 46 day program ($397) using hCG Weight Loss Injections. Either option includes the cost of the hCG product and the doctor consultation.

Either length program is available in various delivery methods – hcg weight loss injections, sublingual (under the tongue) drops and troches (lozenges).  I know from experience that injections have the advantage of being delivered immediately into the bloodstream without any of the normal loss of efficiency or dose-strength that occurs with biological uptake, so I lean towards selecting injections.

I notice there are add-ons and I scan the page for anything I think will help ensure my success, since I only want do this one time and would like to achieve the best results possible.  I find it in the MIC/B12 product, which is a blend of amino acids and vitamins that can be added to the hCG Weight Loss Injections formulation to increase energy, health and assist with fat burning. Since it can only be added to the hCG injection formula and not drops or troches that cinches the deal – I go with injections.

SECOND -  after filling out the online order form and paying for my selected 46-day program by credit card, I am requested to fill in a 14 page form, which is basically a health profile, and the questions asked are predictable and are obviously designed to help you and the Doctor determine if I am healthy and able to participate in the diet.  If I have any questions arose about the form I notice that the chat window is always there to help guide me, however it is very straightforward until the last section where I am asked to give my credit card information again, for the second time. Now my Spider-Sense is alerted. I stop right there - I need to talk to someone about this.

My Deal Breaker Question

This is not comfortable for me since I have already given my credit card info and been charged.  I open the chat window and say just that.  The chat lady assures me I will not be charged twice, but I persist saying I believe it is unnecessary to provide my credit info on my health info form.  Although she is doing her best to be reassuring, explaining that the order service and the health provider office both need this info, I repeat I am not comfortable with giving my info again and ask who I can speak to about alternatives, and she is happy to give me the Billing Dept’s number.  The solution turns out to be an easy one - the Billing Dept is fine with me simply putting in my last four of the credit card info so that they can verify it is the same person and know where to refer to the payment info.  I am reassured that a 'hold' for double the amount will not post against my card, and I am comfortable with giving the last four digits simply to verify my ID and  I finish the health form process with a click and submit it online. 

THIRD -  I am next taken to the diet support page where I am informed that the Doctor or Physician's Assistant will be contacting me within 24 hours to go over the health history I just submitted, and that in the meantime I can prepare by reading various support material, which is all there for listed there quick, easy download.

I download each item – a recipe book, diet information, how to use the hCG products, etc - and I am surprised at the quality of the material, both for its useful content and its professional appearance.  I begin reading it right away since tomorrow I am expecting the Doctor’s call and want to get my questions ready; then if everything is a “go” with the phone call the Doctor will phone in my prescription to the pharmacy and I will be receiving my hCG Weight Loss Injections directly from the pharmacy by FedEx soon thereafter –  sooner even, as I can even opt for overnight delivery. 

The whole process of ordering, filling in new patient forms and obtaining all the download diet support material has taken about 15 or 20 minutes from start to finish.  I am already feeling very glad I did this.  I will be on my way in a couple of days and happily losing weight with a program that I have used before, and trust to succeed.

My Next Day TeleMedicine Call

The next morning the Physician’s Assistant phones me and goes over the health history I filled out online yesterday when I ordered my hCG Weight Loss Injections 46-Day Program. Whereas I expected her call to be simply to check my history and set up a phone appointment with the Doctor, I discover that this is the only call I will need and once the Doctor has reviewed this (our conversation about my health history) report later today my prescription will be ordered and shipped on its way to me.

Although I notice the Assistant speaks quite fast as though she is extremely busy she is nonetheless happy to take time to answer all my questions and, although I have been on the hCG Program before, I am particularly interested in this program’s “take” on how closely they follow Dr Simeones’ original hCG Diet Method as laid out in his "Pounds and Inches" manual (available free in our Quick Start Package). 

It turns out they follow it very closely, which some health providers do not. In fact, I've noticed that most tweak the original program on the rationale that Dr Simeones’ did not have access to some diet foods we have today (such as protein bars and shakes) and that health research in the intervening years since he has died has shown we need fats in our diet in order to lose fat (such as the Atkins, the Zone, and Paleo Diet,). Interestingly these same tweaking health providers are eager to include the cost of bars, shakes and coconut oil in your program, boosting the price to you and revenues to them. So, I am encouraged that these TeleMedicine health providers I have found stick very closely to the original program and do not try to upsell me with “proprietary” diet food products.

I am also very interested in knowing about the clinic’s professional qualifications, the Physician’s licensed medical qualifications, and her own.  To answer more completely she offers to send me the link to the site webpage where all Bios are posted.  I had somehow missed that page in my enthusiasm to get started right away.  Now I see it’s easily found on their website's “About Us” page (under Contact Us in the upper menu bar.

The Physician's Assistant also mentions she will be emailing me directly so that I have her direct contact info for 24/7 support, and she will include the complete list of support material links.  She tells me she will give the Doctor my information to provide my prescription to the Lab, and since I am very healthy and experienced with the diet that I am “good to go”.   Presumably, if I had more serious, or just more, health issues I would have then been scheduled for a phone conversation with the Doctor, but as it is, my prescription hCG, along with syringes and mixing items, will be arriving by FedEx in a couple of days. 

What could have been easier!  I could not even have gotten an appointment with my regular health care provider that quickly.  I am tickled, enthusiastic about starting right away, and eagerly await my FedEx package from the pharmacy in Florida.

My Order Arrives Promptly, Directly from the Pharmacy

It arrives mid-day (ahead of when I expected it) and I am required to sign for it so I am glad I am home. Although everything looks and seems just like I have expected (I'm very familiar with this program after months on it), I nevertheless phone the pharmacy number on the prescription bottle and speak to a live person in order to verify their authenticity; I do the same with their website. I also ask about the hCG Weight Loss Injections dose I see on the bottle, again, to verify all is well and filled correctly.  All good.

Within minutes I have easily mixed the fine white hCG powder with the hydrostatic (sterile) water provided, according to directions.  The powder dissolves easily and with my injectable solution ready to go for the first half of the program, I am all set.  I do slow down enough to watch the brief instruction video (that was provided with the email links that Sakeena promptly sent me) just to make sure I had not forgotten anything about this mixing process since it has been over a year since I mixed my last vial of hCG myself.  Ditto for the instructional “giving yourself an hCG injection” video.  Both well worth watching just to be sure, no matter how experienced you are as an hCG dieter.  For example, I would have forgotten to swab the top of the vial bottle to clean it.

Now I am on my way, gearing myself mentally into a comfortable routine of hCG Dieting that I know and trust.  I look forward to the next 46 days of hCG supplemented low-calorie eating with rapid but healthy weight loss (virtually hunger-free) because this has been my experience during my previous 100 lb plus weight loss using Rx hCG Weight Loss Injections and alternating with OTC hCG Amino Acid Isolate Drops (see Order Page). 

Now, at this point I am simply polishing the edges (or I should say defining the contours) of my new lighter body, and attaining my personal best body. I am already anticipating my 30 to 40 lb fat-loss in the next 6 – 8 weeks. Wow.

How exciting!  All thanks to the new TeleMedicine USA Health Provider services that have at last found their way onto the internet. Ready to Visit the TeleMedicine

Visit the hCG TeleMedicine Order page for additional info


It worked just like it should.  My weight loss results were exactly what I'd hoped, right on target, right on time.  Pretty much the same results I experienced at my original health care provider's office - only far, far more conveniently and much less expensively!  What a find.

Today again I'm back to my old lighter self!  It feels especially great to know that I have such a convenient and efficient "go-to" tool in hCG (a backup plan) to keep me where I want to be.  As I texted all my friends the day I achieved goal-weight  :-) !!  

Wishing you all the weight loss success and vibrant health you deserve, Patty

Rx Refills? No Problems.

Refills are easy and less expensive than the initial TeleMedicine start up process, and the “Request Refills Now” button is prominently displayed on the homepage.  I will definitely opt for this service again if I ever feel I have gained a few too many pounds and want a simple, convenient way to do the hCG Diet using USA prescription hCG again.  In fact, sad truth is, in years gone by I have gained weight back so often after so many impermanent successes with other diet programs (yes, I too have tried them all), that I am still a bit (annoyingly) unsure in my own weight-maintenance  abilities, so it is reassuring to know that the hCG Prescription Program by TeleMedicine is available to me, AND is this easy! 

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