BEST hCG Weight Loss Program

BEST sounds like a grand claim!

Nonetheless we stand by what we say, because this is the hCG weight loss program that we've proven firsthand to be super successful through many months of living it - each day experiencing easy, inevitable fat loss despite whatever our past history with dieting was, or our family genetic legacy, or whatever life challenges came our way. AND we achieved better results than our friends did on the exact same diet plan.

Annie and Patty
Who are we?

We're Patty and Annie, the mother and daughter duo who finally succeeded at losing all the weight we needed to, in spite of YEARS OF WEIGHT PROBLEMS, thanks to hCG and the integrated weight loss accelerating components of our self-fashioned plan.

Patty is a health and human potential author with over 30 years experience, who lost over 120 lbs in less than a year on the weight loss program you'll learn here. You can read Patty's weight loss success story here, including her mental metamorphosis of losing that much weight.

Annie is a children's self esteem educator and busy working mom of two young children, who lost the seemingly un-budge-able 30 lbs of fat left over from child bearing in 6 weeks of following this same hCG program using these sublingual drops.

Both of us have kept it off - as our happy smiles hint!

What's so Great about our approach to the hCG Weight Loss Program?

Together we brought our professional know-how and life skills to our own hCG weight loss accomplishments and experience on the hCG eating plan for many months. And the results we achieved were far better (in terms of feeling better), and our loses were greater (in terms of losing more actual % of body FAT), and faster (more pounds per week on average) than the results we saw people achieving on other hCG weight loss programs everywhere!

So, we just started calling it the best hCG Weight Loss Program and it stuck.

Before and After hCG

Before we found hCG each of us had reached the point in our lives where we had tried every diet imaginable and failed. We couldn't have felt worse about our "inherited family weight problem", or ourselves, and we'd reached the lowest of lows. Every day was a living imprisonment - inside ever growing prison walls of fat.

Sound familiar?

If you have ever been there you know why we created this site - to proclaim the happy news "Escape! Liberation from fat is here!", to share exactly how we did it so healthfully, so well, so fast, and why it worked. And, of course, to give you the keys to the prison door.

Like we did, you'll find that once you've succeeded at something so frustratingly elusive and at the same time so positively changing as lasting weight loss you too will be impelled to spread the word.

And that is why we built this site to be "The Best hCG Weight Loss Program", designed for sure success.

Here's the step by step "Need to Know Info" about how how we lost weight so successfully on the hCG Protocol.

Here's the Top Five things we believe enabled us to achieve our Personal Best Results, including our above average daily fat-loss rate.

Why was is our take on this program so successful?

Because this only program that serves like a "meta program" (a higher program) that integrates whatever hCG plan you chose with ALL the components that will ensure steady weight loss and well-being each day in the weight loss process. Basically these are the indispensable physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components that together power boost your results, giving you the best pound-loss per day possible in the quickest amount of time.

So, no matter what hCG plan you decide is best for you - from self-care do it yourself, to high end medical supervision, or anywhere in between the two, the support tools and resources you'll find here will accelerate and enhance your weight loss results and your lasting success. No question about it.

We knew that an integrated approach was the key to lasting weight loss results, because developing human potential is our profession.

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