The hCG Weight Loss Protocol

Although the hCG Weight Loss Protocol has been used for over fifty years in weight loss clinics in Europe it is now gaining unprecedented popularity largely due to the countless thousands of enthusiastically successful weight loss hcg-users who are actively engaged in the new "word of mouth" - social media interaction on the internet.

Successful weight-loss achievers are everywhere online passionately sharing their success stories, and the storyline is nearly always begins the same "I'd tried everything but nothing worked like hCG".

And it's not just popular here in America, where the obesity epidemic is 66.7% of the population (as determined by the World Health Organization in 2011) - and climbing! -- but also popular around the world, as obesity climbs in other civilized countries, for example 66.5% in Germany, 62.7% in New Zealand, and 61% in Britain.

The hCG protocol even received the thumbs up from Dr. Oz himself when he investigated the popularity of the hCG phenomenon with his health researchers, hCG Weight Loss Protocol specialists, medical guest experts and first person feedback from users in his audience on The Dr. Oz Show, "The hCG Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Hype?"

The hCG Program is Especially Popular with the Self Care Crowd

The typical $600 to $800 average cost of 6-week medically supervised hCG programs has led many desperate, overweight people to turn to the internet for the DIY alternative - Do It Yourself.

Although it is possible to find high quality hCG products available on the internet, online buyers are seriously advised to be very careful when navigating the sea of hCG product options and to choose a product that can be verified to be real, and aslo made by a reputable company following FDA safety standards (of course we have to put in a good word for our own reputable hCG product here).

Take a minute to understand your hCG frauds and fakes abound online. Fake pharmaceuticals is one of the largest business scams on the internet.

Additionally, even though you go the self care route, it would be smart to check in with your health care provider to make sure in your individual health situation you are making a smart decision.

Be consumer aware, be health safety minded, and enjoy your hCG program success the smart way. And the next success story can certainly be yours.

Here you can see the hCG Weight Loss Protocol in a nutshell"