hCG Weight Loss Treatment

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The Master Support Program was created for those of us who have more than 30 or 40 lbs to lose, and will need plan our hCG weight loss treatment over a period of two courses (60 days) or more. Or for those who want share the successful experience of doing the hCG weight loss treatment together with a friend or family member (not suitable for children).

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- The complete Fast Start Guide, with 65 page Simeone hCG Weight Loss Protocol, and the complete support package of nine diet progress tools, guidelines, 74 page recipe book, and more.

- And in addition to the professional guides to Positive Affirmations for Lasting Change, and The Motivational Handbook eBooks you'll automatically receive, when you order 4 bottles there is even more ...

- Highlights from Kevin Trudeau's best selling book, "The Weight Loss Cure - The Diet They Don't Want You to Know About", in eBook format detailing his updated version of Dr Simeons' hCG Protocol.

- Long term Personal Weight Loss Tracking Software

- Long term Personal Measurement Tracking Software

- Be SomeBody! Miracle Weight Release the professional self hypnosis audio that promotes Accelerated Weight Loss.
A professionally recorded mental re-conditioning exercise designed for daily listening to enable you to speed up healthy fat loss, while increasing positive body image and overcoming overcome subconscious self sabotage.

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