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Probably, like I did, you keep hearing people saying that the hCG Weight Loss Diet is totally Amazing!

I heard it too, but I didn't really get it until I'd lost my first 20 lbs in 10 days. That got my attention! You'll discover, just like me and countless others, that hCG's ability to turn on your body's own fat burning ability IS amazing. Why? Because it is unlike ANY time you have ever tried to lose weight before! It just works - and works FAST! Yet, it also works hunger-free-easy and healthfully!

And that got my daughter's attention. I went on to lose over 100 pounds, together we lost over 160 lbs) even faster, easier and healthier than friends on the same hCG product and diet plan! And that is why Annie and I built this site - to share with everyone the insider secrets to accelerating your results on the hCG weight loss diet. You can even start right now, simply tell us where to send your FREE Fast Start gift package.

So, just what makes it so fast and easy?

Each one of these three vital components -- the best hCG product for you, behavior and body image re-training, and social network support -- accelerates and enhances the other two! And when the already powerful hCG weight loss diet program is accelerated - the results are almost beyond belief! But even more exciting is that your new accelerated metabolism and enhanced self concept is supported by your ability to maintain the weight loss with ease afterward - thanks to the integration of these three vital components:

The 123 of Lasting Weight Loss

Here is the only place on the web you'll find ALL three resources for LASTING weight loss, all in one convenient place. Everything you need to succeed - all put together for you by caring hCG dieters who have succeeded and are committed to helping you succeed too.

Here's why our insider hCG Weight Loss Diet with these three added components is generating so much excitement ...

You lose ONLY Fat! Not muscle or water.

You lose it just where you want to! No sags and bags, no haggard face.

You lose rapidly AND healthfully! No energy slumps, no moody dumps.

You lose weight without any feelings of deprivation! No constant struggle - just easy, enjoyable, super-motivating fast results!


How much weight could I lose on the hCG weight loss diet?

Weight loss varies between .5 pound and 3 pounds of fat per day, with the average loss being 1- 1.5 pounds per day.

As of this writing 89% of all hCG users who have come to this site report they have met or exceeded their weight loss goal, met their goal after adjusting it to be more realistic, or had no expectations but were very pleased with their results (as confirmed by our "hCG Users Quiz"). Once you have experienced your first 28 day hCG Weight Loss Diet you will be able to take the Quiz yourself and make your own determination of how well you succeeded. Meantime, as many of our more philosophical site users have remarked, "It didn't take much that much, or that long, to find out for myself. And I'm certainly glad I did."

Is it healthy to lose SO MUCH weight a day with hCG?

While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, the HCG in fact changes this because you lose only excess BODY FAT. The weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and not at the expense of your other body systems.

Why the 500 calorie diet?

Although you might think that anyone could lose weight eating only 500 calories a day, this would actually be very unhealthy weight loss, since the weight lost would mostly be from muscle mass. The opposite is true when hCG is used together with low calorie intake because the weight loss is a healthy one, only the loss of excess body FAT.

This happens because HCG causes your hypothalamus - the gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate - to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations.

It is hCG's effects on your metabolic functions that produces healthy FAT weight loss because while you are only consuming 500 calories, the hCG is enabling your hypothalamus to metabolically release excess fat stored in your body into your bloodstream for your body's use.

In other words, because of this released fat your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. The result is that your body using up thousands of calories from fat from your body each day, which is the reason HCG dieters lose 1-1.5 pounds of fat or more, per day.

Will I keep the weight off?

After the HCG weight loss diet, you will find your appetite has decreased, your eating behavior will be dramatically altered and your body will, of course, have changed. What is more, during the weight loss period you've taken the opportunity to "retrain" your subconscious mind with our behavior and body image tools that have enabled you to "reframe" your self concept at the deepest level. No more self sabotage! Once the weight loss program has ended and you are at your goal weight, you are no longer willing to be held hostage in a prison of fat, for you have created the ideal physical, mental and emotional advantages to put into action that healthy lifestyle you now are so ready to embrace and maintain. With your hypothalamus reset, your metabolism will be different and you will be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. You will find a minimum amount of exercise will be sufficient for maintaining a very healthy body- whatever activity you enjoy that keeps your heart and lungs working. Over 90% of those who've lost weight using hCG with our 1, 2, 3 Steps have had little or no difficulty maintaining their new, ideal weight.

Are There any Negative Side Effects with the hCG Weight Loss Diet?

There are no negative side effects associated with hCG. hCG has in fact been used for weight loss for 50+ years, so there is plenty of evidence to back up its safety.


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