Lose Weight Fast with hCG

Now you can lose weight fast using your choice of either Doctor prescribed Medical hCG or the self care version based on hCG Amino Acid Isolates.  With either of these products the hCG Diet Program is well known for its 1 -2  lbs of fat loss per day, which is what gives it the word of mouth reputation of the "lose weight fast" diet.

The hCG diet program has been used medically since the mid 1950's  and was developed by British Endocrinologist Albert T. W. Simeons who proposed HCG as an adjunct to a low-calorie weight-loss diet. Simeons, while studying pregnant women in India on a calorie-restricted diet, and fat boys with pituitary problems treated with low-dose HCG, believed that both groups lost body fat rather than lean muscle tissue. [Simeon Management Corp. 1978]. This fat loss protocol was used in his clinics around the world for decades until his death, and in recent years has experienced a resurgence in popularity.

Lose Weight Fast with Doctor Prescribed hCG

The Telemedicine Doctors Network now offers the hCG Diet Program using 100% pure medical grade hCG under the care of a USA licensed Doctor, prescribed from USA licensed pharmacies and delivered right to your door. The cost of the program varies with the length of time you want to be on the program, generally starting at $300 for a one month, which provides you with the assurance of professional medical care with the cost of Rx hCG product included.

Briefly here are the Features of  hCG Dieting using Telemedicine:

  • Medical Consultation with USA Licensed Doctors via Secure Video or Phone
  • Dr. prescribed hCG delivered right to your door by licensed US Pharmacies Only
  • Available to Patients Nationwide and Internationally
  • No Waiting Room Delays
  • No Blood Work Required
  • Next Day USA-Delivery Option Available to Dr. Approved Patients

To learn more about how Telemedicine works and to begin today by ordering your hCG online with Doctor consultation visit our informative hCG Medical Provider info page. In a hurry?  Watch a brief 5 minute TeleMedicine Video Now.

Naturally to be safe you should always begin any type of diet by first consulting a healthcare provider. Due to the fact that you want to make sure you are physically capable of switching your eating habits.

Lose Weight Fast with hCG Amino Acid Drops

The hCG Diet Program can also be done  using non-prescription hCG that has been formulated from the key amino acid isolates found in human chorionic gonadotropin (known as HCG). Its main advantage is affordability, generally starting at about $55 for one month on the program. Support supplements are also available, along with quantity discounts.

Briefly here are the Features of  hCG Dieting using Amino Acid Isolates:

  • Very affordable non-prescription self care, in convenient diet drops
  • A long (many months) expiry date.
  •  24/7 Toll Free Phone Access to exclusive Diet Support Team
  • FREE USA Shipping (International Shipping Also Available w cost of shipping)
  • Made in USA in FDA (Federal Drug Administration) Inspected Facilities
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Approved Facilities
  • 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee

Learn more about Amino Acid Isolate hCG diet drops,  view the label and visit the secure hCG online order page.

hCG Diet Self-Hypnosis Proven to Boost Your Results 54%!

Whatever hCG product you choose to lose weight fast you can additionally BOOST YOUR HCG DIETING RESULTS UP TO 54% by using this proven successful Subconscious Reprogramming 35 minute audio in the soothing voice of a professional Master Hypnotherapist, designed for use along with your hCG Weight Loss Program.

Concerend that your old habitual self sabotage will rear its head and derail your best diet intentions or your lasting success at maintaining the new you?   Then you will want to add this invaluable support tool to your program!  Best of all it works whether you believe it will or not.

And - even more good news -- you can start right this very minute.  Purchase your audio instant-download and begin listening right away; you'll be already mentally "way ahead of the game" and programmed for lasting success when your diet product arrives!


Dr. Simeons hCG Weight Loss Protocol

Whichever hCG product you choose, an important part of step one to hCG dieting success is getting a copy of Dr. Simeons hCG Protocol in its original format, as it was written by Dr Simeons himself.

A free copy of the entire 62 page protocol, "Dr Simeons Pounds and Inches hCG Weight Loss Protocol", is available at your request in our Fast Start Gift Package.

We heartily recommend you get it and take time to read it from cover to cover no matter how many times you have repeated the protocol, or whether you are using non-Rx or Medical hCG. Naturally we recommend that you read it thoroughly even more strongly if you are beginning hCG dieting for the first time.  We can say firsthand that reading it will help you immensely in your quest to lose weight fast.

It is invaluable guide, written from the perspective of a highly experienced medical hCG practitioner, Dr Simeons, who achieved world renown success with this protocol that has been used at his weight loss clinics since 1950's.


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