Obese Weight Loss

Lowering EMF and Improving Energy Efficiency
Helps Obese Weight Loss

As we achieved slow and sure obese weight loss we began to enter a new mental state of increased health awareness.  Articles with scientific medical studies such as these ones below seemed to leap off the page at us, and prompted us to seek out  EMF shielding advice and make more lifestyle and living environment improvements to support healthy weight loss.

Research from Columbia, Maryland's National Cetner for Healthy Housing suggests that adding a more efficient heating system, better insulation and reducing EMF (electromagnetic exposure (from such things as outside power lines, cell towers etc), can significantly improve the health of the home's occupants.

Among the top health benefits noted in the study was a reduction in obesity, as well as a reduction in sinusitis and hypertension. A reduction in asthma medication was also noted.

A similar study from New Zealand's University of Otage examined 409 households that installed energy-efficient heating systems.  Children in these homes experienced fewer illnesses, better sleep, better allergy and wheezing symptoms and fewer overall sick days.  In examining 1,350 older homes where insulation was installed  (our note: the new insulation comes with an aluminum backing that serves as an EMF blocker) the research also found improvements in health among family residents.

We feel one of the best changes we made to our living environment was to limit EMF (electromagnetic and radiation pollution), which we felt was preventing getting a really good night's sleep.  And, since an uninterrupted night's sleep is also a major contributing factor in supporting healthy, maximum weight loss,  it seemed like a smart idea to start using an EMF Shielding Bed Canopy from EMF-Experts.com, which can be either a do-it-yourself project or a hang up right out of the box project.  Either way, we credit the sleep canopy for being a big help in helping us with our obese weight loss once and for all.

Give Yourself a Rest from EMF.

Additional research we came across corroborated these study's findings that sleeping in an EMF free space contributed not only to healthy weight loss but to higher levels of wellbeing generally, all due to a great night's sleep free from the harmful effects of EMF from everything -- bedside clocks and phones, lamps, cellphones, WiFi and more --  that is constantly bombarding our cells (body and brain cells) and causing havoc with our bodies own subtle electrical systems.

So, bottomline,  give your hard working, weight-losing, cells a rest from EMF and see the difference it makes to your success.