Why Order hCG USA Made?

Why order hCG USA made when the lure of off shore non-prescription hCG, with grand marketing claims sound so appealing?

Well for openers, hCG is easy to locate in the U.S., it's easy to order hCG USA made, hassle free to ship, and it is not priced much differently. PLUS when you order it comes with all the legal product safety features that the United States health and consumer organizations require.

Order hCG USA Made

CONSUMER BEWARE. We don't think you would want to purchase hCG from a source that offered you none of these protections. We wouldn't.

We've heard all the horror stories!

Stories about hCG bought online from offshore by unsuspecting Americans that actually later lab-tested to be not authentic hCG from humans, but from monkeys.

Stories of online consumers receiving unlabeled dropper bottles full of mystery liquid bearing postmarks from foreign countries, when they had ordered online from what they thought was a U.S. company that turned out to be an impostor.

Stories of American companies that deliberately mislead consumers or neglected to tell them that their online hCG order would be filled and drop shipped from an overseas country.

And even more stories about bogus hCG online money scams, product misrepresentation and no return policies, products without expiry dates or even comprehensible directions, shipping disappearances, and Customs security issues.

However, no matter how inconvenient or risky starving yourself on the requisite low calorie diet using bogus hCG is, it is definitely NOT the worst thing that could happen. There is far worse if you don't order hCG USA made -

Counterfeit Online Pharmaceuticals are Rapidly Proliferating

Counterfeit medicines bought online from offshore sources are a burgeoning business based on the sale of look-alike "knock-off" pharmaceuticals, which have been found to contain everything from drywall powder to much more serious health hazards like antifreeze and paint containing lead.

Here is an excerpt of an 2009 Washington Post New York article titled "U.S. Part of Global Crackdown on Counterfeit Medicines"

"In highly orchestrated raids across five continents this week, Interpol officers in Europe and drug agents in the United States hunted down counterfeit prescription drugs in an effort to stem a rapidly growing criminal business preying on financially pressed consumers looking for bargains.

Fraudulent medicine has become a $28 million industry in the United States alone, and the crackdown in the United States uncovered more than 700 alleged packages of fake or suspicious prescription drugs and shut down 90 alleged rogue online pharmacies. The international operation took down 72 Web sites, seized nearly 1,000 packages and found more than 167,000 suspected illicit and counterfeit drugs."

The online prescription drug market is naturally the largest for drugs like Viagra and Cialis but hCG is growing because it being more widely known and attracts online consumers for exactly the same reason - consumers are extremely motivated to improve their life using it, but they want to spend less for it and get it without the hassle (or embarrassment) of a doctor's prescription.

The consumer demand has has created a very elaborate online hCG scam and fake medicine schemes with order/shipping/fulfillment network based on illegal subterfuge to circumvent USA Customs and various USA government health agencies -- FDA, DEA, ICA, CBP -- to the extent that it is impossible not only to tell what you are really getting, but where it was made, and where is shipped from. This is all necessary of course, to cover their tracks, but it leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Fake Pharmaceuticals is the Fastest growing Category of Counterfeit Crimes

Although consumers most often think of designer purses when they think of "knock-offs" when it comes to the sales of phony products, fake pharmaceuticals is rapidly becoming the largest and fastest growing category of counterfeit crimes. This is naturally far more alarming than designer goods because of the health dangers this represents.

Other alarming news stories have linked the big business of online counterfeit pharmaceuticals to fanatical terrorist "chemical warfare" activity and its Jihad (Holy War against America) funding. Pakistan, for example, is a large exporter of pharmaceuticals and a country where fanatical terrorist groups maintain a large powerful base, but there are also other countries.

Even where exportation is legal other eye opening media stories, such as the expose about the highly toxic chemical cadmium being routinely used in children's toys made in China for export to the U.S., brings to light how very different foreign countries health safety regulations are from what we consider safe.

These are all important things to consider when deciding to order hCG USA Made or not.
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