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Purchase hCG you trust! Here are the three types of hCG products we have used with great success and we highly recommend (so we became affiliates to be able to offer you the products too) - all USA-made with the health safety assurances that signifies.    

1.  Ready for Your Pharmaceutical hCG Now?

Doctor Prescribed hCG via TeleMedicine Phone Consultation

If you are looking for the support of medical diet supervision, you'll love America's new TeleMedicine program with USA licensed Doctors specializing in hCG Weight Loss. This convenient new health care delivery method provides you with convenient hCG Online Ordering, efficient Medical Doctor Consultations by Phone and Prescription Medical HCG delivered to you quickly anywhere in the USA (or Internationally) from licensed USA Pharmacies.
Learn more, read Patty's firsthand experience with hCG Dieting via TeleMedicine,
which was less than half the cost of traditional doctor/clinic visits.


You'll select your choice (
pictured here below) and prices:

  • hCG injections,
  • hCG sublingual drops
  • hCG oral pellets
  • with leading edge support supplements available for add-on

  • 2.  Ready to Order Your Homeopathic hCG Now?

    These OTC (over the counter) homeopathic hCG drops can be ordered today online, giving you more affordability than medical hCG by prescription, yet still with lots of homeopathic doctor support (by email and blog) AND all the Customer Support (by phone or email) that you need to succeed. These homeopathic sublingual drops were created by Dr Zach LaBoube (Dr of Homeopathy) and are intended for use with his HCG 2.0 Diet Protocol, which allows for a little higher calorie intake than the original Dr Simeons' hCG Diet ((this protocol is included in our free Fast Start Gift package - see top left menu), however these drops can be used with either protocol successfully. PLUS our Fave-Raves Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea, and Garcinia Cambogia are conveniently sold as add-ons here too - look for the videos on his site explaining exactly how they boost fat loss, and how to use them correctly.   VIEW ACTUAL LABEL for dosage and direction, and read about the support supplements you can select your price when ordering.
                                         ORDER HOMEOPATHIC DROPS HERE

    What is Homeopathy?  Homeopathy Medicine and the science behind homeopathic hCG drops is based on an entirely different healing methodology than conventional (traditionally medical) allopathic medicine. Learn more  about this well respected Alternative Medicine.

    3.  Ready to Purchase hCG Amino Isolates OTC Now?

    These OTC (over the counter) drops give you Discount Prices AND all the Customer Support WITH the Satisfaction Guarantee that you need to succeed

    (Or simply Click to view and compare discount prices of cost saving package deals)

    Made and sold by the manufacturing laboratory that sets the standard to weight loss in the diet drops bioscience industry. Sold at Weight Loss Clinics, Health Spas etc throughout eleven countries these diet drops have engendered a loyal and growing following with countless numbers of dieters like us testifying that it has helped them lose weight. Why? Because of:

    - 24/7 Toll Free Phone Access to Exclusive Diet Support Team

    - FREE USA Shipping (INTERNATIONAL Shipping? Please scroll down for info)

    - Made in USA in FDA (Federal Drug Administration) Inspected and GMP
    (Good Manufacturing Practices) Approved Facilities

    - 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee

    These are the amino-acid hCG isolate sublingual drops are the most affordable hCG product and the ones that most beginners to hCG weight loss start with, for use with Dr Simeon's hCG Diet Protocol (this protocol is included in the free Fast Start Gift package - see top left menu).

     Why?  Because these drops don't require a prescription - they're OTC (Over the Counter), so they are much less expensive than to purchase hCG by prescription, AND they are reported by users to be as (sometimes more) effective than prescription hCG sub-lingual drops. Plus, they are made in the USA with all the consumer safety assurances that provides.

    What are hCG Amino Isloates?  VIEW ACTUAL LABEL for more information, ingredients and dosage info.

    Not interested in Over the Counter hCG products?
       Click here to learn more, to read about Patty's successful weight loss experience with it, and to purchase hCG (pharmaceutical grade) online with a USA Doctor hCG Diet (all done via TeleMedicine phone consultation).

    Best hCG Diet Self-Hypnosis Support
    to Boost Your Chosen hCG Weight Loss Program!

    PROVEN TO BOOST YOUR HCG DIETING RESULTS UP TO 54% (whatever hCG product you use) by using this proven successful Subconscious Reprogramming audio along with your hCG Weight Loss Program. Listen to an excerpt by this professional Master Hypnotherapist. With this audio you can begin achieving your weight loss goals immediately AND more effortlessly - Purchase hCG here and while you wait for it to be delivered nab your MP3 audio via instant download and get started within minutes. You'll be already mentally "way ahead of the game" - subconsciously programmed for lasting success (and no more subconscious self sabotage!) by the time your hCG diet product gets to you! More Info on ORDER PAGE HERE-- ($16.99)

    Best Support Supplements to
    BOOST Your hCG Diet Results!

    Here below you will see "the best" of the hCG diet support products we tried firsthand that enabled us to achieve the most success during our months on the hCG weight loss program.


    Feel reassured you'll be providing your body will all the nutrients it needs, even with the hCG Diet reduced calories.  Our hands-down favorite multi-vitamins by the Micronutrient Miracle authors and renowned nutritionists Jason and Mira Calton.  These high quality patented vitamins and minerals are all about maximum nutrient absorption, which is achieved by soluble nutrient delivery and proper AM and PM combining of nutrients. In addition to metabolism and food craving support, this twice-daily drink supports: anti-aging, weight management, regulation of blood sugar, immune protection, healthy skin, brain function, and much more. 

    We LOVED these delicious (10 calorie 2-carbs, stevia sweetened) vitamin drinks so much, we had them not just with meals, but as our "go-to" when we needed a pick me up, or a satisfying bonus snack, in several flavors. The handy packets go everywhere with us in our purse, and have gone with us traveling too, so we can stick to our diet program and our commitment to health anywhere. View Label and Learn More ...

    AFRICAN MANGO Metabolic Support

    This is the all natural metabolic support we used to maintain after completing the hCG program. So if you have a lot of weight to lose, when you purchase hCG above you can also obtain African Mango in single bottles for use in the weeks between hCG courses, or buy a 2 or 3 month supply to support your metabolism after finishing the hCG weight loss program. Either way get FREE USA shipping. You'll enjoy reading our info page at African Mango Info Page to learn more exciting detail about the product, including the great results that Dr Oz (Oprah's favorite health expert)achieved using this diet supplement.


    These ketones regulate Adiponectin, a hormone that helps increase metabolism and support healthy levels of blood sugars and fats. This safe, healthy diet support (with no side effects) helps you burn fat faster and more efficiently and has been shown helpful in the long term for decreasing obesity. It's also great for helping you in achieving your greatest, fastest weight loss results, for busting through a weight loss plateau during your hCG program. So again, when you purchase hCG above you may want to order a few and get a bulk discount since it can also be used for continued support during those post-dieting transition weeks when you want to maintain your fat loss while you are adding more calories gradually. Watch this video from The Dr Oz Show and learn why Dr Oz calls Raspberry Ketones the "Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle" 


    Not overweight in the "big" sense, but really want your hCG diet program to specifically help you lose those extra fat deposits? Recent clinical studies have turned up this impressive new fat loss breakthrough - green coffee bean extract! The Cholrogoenic Acid in the raw beans slows down the release of blood sugar while it specifically boosts fat burning metabolism, resulting (in Dr Oz's study) in a 10.5% body weight loss (16% of that was body FAT) in only 12 weeks without changes in diet or exercise. We fell in love with Green Coffee Bean when we experienced how it helped us keep the fat from being re-deposited after finishing the hCG Diet and eating more normally without increasing exercise. No surprise it is yet another of Dr Oz's favorite weight loss secrets.


    Orders from (and Shipping to) destinations outside of the USA are processed securely online, using the same product order links here. Select your product(s), then simply type your country info where the order form appears to ask for USA shipping and billing info, when you have finished click the "Check Out" button.

    This will take you to the next page where you will see an overview of your order - look beneath the subtotal box to find the "Calculate Shipping and Tax" hypertext in blue, click on this and select your country to complete your Int'l Order. Please remember that shipping to international destinations naturally takes a few days longer, and that you are responsible for any Customs or Duty that may occur to receive delivery in your country.

    If this does help, please contact us and let us know the problem you encountered. We'll try to help.

    Important Consumer Awareness Info


    Yes, we do receive a small referral commission for bringing these products to your attention. Our hope in recommending them that it is valuable insight for you (based solely on our own experience), and that this has saved you time 'filtering',  so that you benefit from our years of detective work with hundreds of products.  We ferreted out what we are convinced are the best products to support your fat-loss success today, and through referral commissions you enable us to finance this site helping everyone who needs a tried-and-truly lasting solution to fat/weight loss. 


    We are not medical practitioners and we are not licensed to give medical advice, and we want to clearly ask you to please not construe anything here as medical advice.  Especially, since each individual has their own medical history, we encourage you to please do your own due diligence and consult medical authorities of your choice, if you have any queries about any of the information presented with regard to any of these products, or contained in this site.

    These Product Manufacturers and providers offer extensive web and 800 customer service to ensure a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" experience. The satisfaction guaranteed return policy is directly through the manufacturer not through our website; this contact info is on each individual product.

    The most important thing at the outset is to purchase hCG products you trust.

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    Why purchase hCG, and how does it boost fat loss?
    Understanding more about hCG and being able to visual how it works is a great way to get psyched to begin your weight loss plan.

    What does Wikipedia have to say about the hCG Diet and how does it boost fat loss?
    British Endocrinologist Dr Albert Simeons in 1954 published a book entitled Pounds and Inches, designed to combat obesity. Simeons recommended low-dose daily HCG injections (125 IU) in combination with a customized low-calorie (high-protein, low-carbohydrate/fat) diet, which he believed resulted in a loss of adipose tissue without loss of lean tissue. Refer to this entire book included in our Free Fast Start Gift Package.

    Be smart and safe - purchase hCG that is USA made
    There are good reasons to purchase hCG that is made in America; find out why in this enlightening post about off shore hCG horror stories and how U. S. hCG manufacturers, and consumer and health protection agencies support your rights as a patient, consumer, and your ultimate hCG weight loss success!

    How Do I Know that homeopathic drops and lab created hCG drops (no Rx required) will burn actual fat as well as prescription hCG would?
    Prove it for yourself using these drops and the same measuring methods we used. Here we explain how we confirmed actual fat loss with these sublingual drops. What's more, we experienced firsthand that these drops were as effective as prescription hCG was in terms of comparable fat loss rate and overall weight loss results.