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We've all asked ourselves "Where can I buy hCG that is the real deal, is affordable, and easy to get?". Here's the best single answer we've come up with after spending over a year on the diet searching for the best answer to all these questions.

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Be smart and safe - order hCG USA madeThere are good reasons to order hCG that is made in America; find out why in this enlightening post about off shore hCG horror stories and how U. S. hCG manufacturers, and consumer and health protection agencies are on your side!

Deciding to buy hCG without prescriptionTrying to decide whether or not to go prescription or non-prescription when it comes to sublingual drops? This is the post that sheds more light on things to consider.

What is homeopathic medicine and what does the designation "homeopathic hCG" mean?

What is hCG, and how does it boost fat loss?Understanding more about hCG and being able to visual how it works is a great way to get psyched to begin your weight loss plan.

Wondering "Where can I buy hCG that is not homeopathic?" Check Here.